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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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New COVID-19 dashboard tracks hospitalizations for Texas regions, estimates pandemic’s progression

Brooke Ontiveros September 23, 2020

UT researchers created a new online dashboard that tracks COVID-19 hospitalization rates in Texas and provides a forecast for how the epidemic is spreading for different regions in the state. UT’s...


2 state representatives discuss whether Texas House will flip from red to blue at 2020 Texas Tribune Festival

Neha Madhira September 22, 2020

State Rep. Celia Israel, D-Austin, said there are over two dozen Democrat-affiliated groups working to flip the Texas House of Representatives from red to blue in the November election. Israel and State...


Austin Public Health warns against large groups as governor raises capacity restriction to 75%

Anna Canizales September 18, 2020

Austin Public Health experts encouraged people not to gather in large groups and warned that  criminal charges will be taken against hosts of large gatherings at a media Q&A Friday morning. Gov....


Voto Latino, Texas Organizing Project leaders discuss mobilization of Latinx voters

Samantha Greyson September 17, 2020

Political activists María Teresa Kumar and Crystal Zermeño are working to mobilize the growing Latinx population in Texas for the upcoming presidential election. The pair spoke on why...


Explainer: Multiple congressional districts divide area around UT-Austin

Lauren Goodman September 16, 2020

TX Votes President Janae Stegall lives just a few blocks from campus, but her vote will be counted in a different district than those who live on campus.  The UT-Austin campus and surrounding neighborhoods...

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Two Texas legislators said public education is ‘number one focus’ at Texas Tribune Festival

Lauren Goodman September 14, 2020

Two Texas legislators said they are committed to carrying out their promises of increasing public education funding made during the last legislative session before the COVID-19 pandemic. Dan Huberty,...


UT’s Anxiety and Stress Clinic offers free therapy for stressed, anxious Texans

Brooke Ontiveros September 11, 2020

UT’s Anxiety and Stress Clinic will continue to offer three free therapy sessions this fall for anyone experiencing distress or anxiety due to the coronavirus pandemic. “When the pandemic...


Digital library will allow faculty to give students access to free educational resources

Lauren Goodman September 9, 2020

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board launched a digital library called Open Educational Resources on Sept. 1 to provide students with free educational materials in Texas higher education institutions. Funds...

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Two former US Secretaries of Education speak on public education at Texas Tribune Festival

Samantha Greyson September 7, 2020

Margaret Spellings and Arne Duncan, former United States secretaries of education, said the current administration is mishandling the coronavirus pandemic in public schools and institutions. The pair...

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Texas House Representatives discuss pandemic, 87th Texas Legislature during Texas Tribune Festival

Neha Madhira September 7, 2020

While uncertainty still remains about the next Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, legislators say the first thing to remember for the Texas House is getting things done. To kick off the...


Travis County Clerk’s office setting up drive-thru locations to mail in ballots

Lauren Goodman September 4, 2020

Travis County will have three drive-thru locations for voters to mail in ballots for the November election. At drive-thru locations, voters can hand-deliver their ballots to the business office of the...


What questions do you have about the coronavirus at UT-Austin?

The Daily Texan Staff August 26, 2020

The Daily Texan is reporting on how UT-Austin and local officials are responding to the spread of COVID-19. We want to hear about how coronavirus is affecting you — especially if you are a UT student,...