Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan

Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan

UT faculty want say in budget planning

Collin Eaton October 26, 2010

As shrinking financial resources force college deans to cut back on personnel and other expenses, UT’s Faculty Council is pressing for greater faculty involvement in budgetary decision-making. Currently,...

UT staffers bemoan loss of jobs, lack of discussion

Collin Eaton October 25, 2010

In early October, Dianne Kline received a short letter saying she would become one of the more than 270 UT employees quietly laid off this year because of budget cuts. A senior administrative associate...

Dietary needs not met on campus

Audrey White October 25, 2010

College students love to eat. It’s one of those universal truths; like “grass is green” and “OU sucks.” But it can be harder for students with health, lifestyle and...

UT student media staff to face layoffs

Collin Eaton October 25, 2010

Student photographers for The Daily Texan lost their long-time adviser Friday and several other UT student media employees lost their jobs to budget cuts as student publications compensate for declining...

Students design low-cost housing

Nick Mehendale October 25, 2010

Student volunteers hoping to provide help to the homeless painted and continued construction on a one-room micro cottage for the homeless Saturday. The project is part of Community First!, an initiative...

Event highlights human rights in Iran

Shivam Purohit October 25, 2010

NPR Reporter Roxana Saberi said she never thought much about life in prison until four men came to her Tehran apartment in January 2009 and arrested her on spying charges. Saberi spoke about her...

Hindu festival a celebration of women

Emily Sides October 25, 2010

To celebrate the festival of Navratri, the Hindu Students Association invited everyone to join in a traditional form of stick dancing called Dandiya Raas. Each dancer held two long sticks they hit...

Rat study shows sisters lower male desirability

Anna Fata October 25, 2010

Males with many sisters are less attractive to women, according to a study of rat behavior by a UT professor. David Crews, a professor of biology and psychology, studied behavior in rats and found...

UT program obtains grant for underserved students

Ahsika Sanders October 22, 2010

A program to improve language impairments of bilingual first grade students, initiated by UT speech-language researchers, received a $2.3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health. During...

Local economy wins big in football

Daniel Sanchez October 22, 2010

Longhorn fans may not be sitting where they thought they would be at the start of the season with a 4-2 record and a No. 19 ranking in the BCS, following a surprising 34-12 loss to underdog UCLA and...

Co-op asks faculty for on-time book lists

Audrey White October 22, 2010

If all faculty submit their book lists to the University Co-op before the Oct. 31 priority deadline, the bookstore could save $250,000 — translating into serious savings for students. When...

Board rejects idea to connect schools

Collin Eaton October 22, 2010

The governing board of Texas Southmost College in Brownsville rejected a proposal for a new operating agreement with the University of Texas at Brownsville on Thursday that critics said would have ceded...