Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan

Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan

Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan

Fulbright scholarship awarded to professor

Allie Kolechta November 10, 2010

Z. Jeff Chen, a professor in the Section of Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology, will head to the University of Cambridge in England on a scholarship to research and teach as a 2010 Fulbright Scholar. Each...

‘Transmedia’ explored by experts

Yvonne Marquez November 10, 2010

Two new media experts presented a world of transmedia storytelling — a multiplatform way of storytelling with each individual media telling a different part of the story but creating a cohesive...

Panel speaks on building ‘green’ for sustainability

Allie Kolechta November 10, 2010

Implementing sustainable features with the future of a company in mind is the best way to maximize their economic benefits, said Gregory P. Fuller, chief operating officer at real estate firm Granite...

UT System investment company awards bonuses to employees

Collin Eaton November 10, 2010

University of Texas Investment Management Company’s board of directors gave $5.1 million in bonuses to 30 employees Tuesday, citing high investment returns that raised the Permanent University...

A&M tuition bill splits student government

Allison Kroll November 10, 2010

When Texas A&M University’s student body President Jacob Robinson vetoed a bill from the university’s senate earlier this week, the issue of in-state tuition for undocumented Texas residents...

Ambassador lectures on US-Mexico relationship

Nick Mehendale November 9, 2010

United States Ambassador to Mexico Carlos Pascual addressed immigration reform and drug cartel-related violence in Mexico, as well as their impacts on Texas, during a visit to campus on Monday. The...

Influential alumni to be added to business school Hall of Fame

Allie Kolechta November 9, 2010

The Red McCombs School of Business will induct three alumni into its Hall of Fame on Friday. The three inductees, John W. Carpenter III, Gary Kusin and Corbin J. Robertson Jr., were chosen...

Harry Ransom Center acquires playwright’s collection of work

Audrey White November 9, 2010

The Harry Ransom Center announced Monday that it acquired the papers of playwright Spalding Gray, a Rhode Island native known for his knack for expressing universal themes through deeply personal...

Ethernet inventor to join UT faculty as program leader

Nick Mehendale November 9, 2010

  The Cockrell School of Engineering selected Robert Metcalfe, a venture capitalist and inventor, to oversee innovation and entrepreneurship at UT. Metcalfe brings to the University a variety...

Rallies share goal of social justice

Allie Kolechta November 9, 2010

Two different protests — coincidentally scheduled on the West Mall for the same time Monday — called attention to both the military occupation of Kashmir, India, and the use of sweatshops...

Wrangling for the disabled

Emily Sides November 8, 2010

The Texas Wranglers were joined by more than 400 volunteers for the 13th annual City Wide Hold Up on Saturday where they panhandled on about 25 street corners in Austin. The event is the largest...

Education prioritized for next legislative session

Audrey White November 8, 2010

With cuts to higher education on the horizon and textbook costs rising, college affordability is on the minds of many students, Texas student government leads said at a conference to set lobbying...

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