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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan

Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan

Education board fails to prepare students for college

Samantha Katsounas December 5, 2011

An evaluation by UT-El Paso professor Keith Erekson published earlier this month affirmed that the standards adopted by the State Board of Education in their highly contentious battle last year are insufficient...

Study drugs distort students’ abilities

Larisa Manescu December 5, 2011

Finals week is a period during which students are desperate to keep their bodies awake and their minds alert to be the most productive students they can be. Our university is not unique in its experience...

Losing more than a game

Katherine Taylor December 2, 2011

Every Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember, I’ve watched the Texas-Texas A&M game while I let my casserole-filled stomach digest my dinner. This event is preceded by watching the Dallas...

Make the most of MyEdu

Carisa Nietsche, Alan Friedman, and Natalie Butler December 1, 2011

The discussion across the UT System about MyEdu in the past few weeks has taken many interesting twists and turns. While there has been much controversy and negative publicity, we think it is important...

Envisioning an e-university

Rui Shi December 1, 2011

This summer, South Korea announced plans to digitize its entire elementary and secondary school curriculum by 2015. The high-tech east Asian country is making a $2-billion bet against traditional textbooks....

Graduate students deserve good teaching

Frank Male November 30, 2011

At a large public university such as UT, teaching is important. We have 38,000 undergraduates enroll in classes each year to learn, and the University spends money attracting professors who do their best...

Rebuilding the holidays

Samian Quazi November 30, 2011

Nearly three months after wildfires devastated Bastrop County, more than 1,000 Bastrop children could be spending this Christmas without any new toys. The Bastrop Pink Santa Toy Drive is still in desperate...

A gamble not worth making

Samantha Katsounas November 29, 2011

In Tuesday’s presidential debate, GOP candidate Newt Gingrich made a potential misstep when he called for “humane” immigration reform. The stance, which some claim is a form of amnesty,...

CapMetro’s policy a breath of fresh air

Larisa Manescu November 29, 2011

By the end of February, Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority will post signs banning smoking within 15 feet of all 2,700 bus stops in Austin. However, “ban” might be too extreme of...

From Wall Street to the Main Mall

Zoya Waliany November 28, 2011

Waves of protests spread across the globe over the last year from Egypt to Greece, demonstrating the strength of the human spirit. Refusing to be outdone, the United States began participating in this...

Mayor’s second term seems likely

Samian Quazi November 23, 2011

Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell launched his re-election campaign Wednesday at Becker Elementary, his childhood school in South Austin. First elected in May 2009, Leffingwell elaborated on his role as a steady...

Deflated grades prove equally unfair

Mike Singer November 23, 2011

My colleagues, integrative biology professors David Hillis and Eric Pianka, object to grade inflation and have expressed so through firing lines that recently ran in The Daily Texan. Hillis notes that...

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