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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Natural gas, air and water

Emily Grubert April 18, 2011

Texas and national lawmakers continue to address issues related to energy, water and air pollution, with particular attention to natural gas and hydraulic fracturing. However, energy bills are not the...

THE FIRING LINE: Stand for social justice

The Firing Line April 18, 2011

I appreciated The Daily Texan’s coverage of the protest on behalf of Planned Parenthood at the capitol in March. I am, however, concerned that I haven’t read anything about the HB 1 amendment...

Tuition antifreeze

Viviana Aldous April 18, 2011

This week, students across campus will log on to the UT website to register for classes. Inevitably, some students, despite a slew of email reminders, will forget to pay for their classes and will subsequently...

UT’s tech problem

Brandon Curl April 17, 2011

We live in Austin. Michael Dell went to school here. Both Facebook and Google have offices here. So then why is it that, in an era of obscene technological innovation, the interfaces we use to connect...

Quotes to note

The Daily Texan Editorial Board April 17, 2011

“I do my best to produce quality work. This is a production snafu.” — Well-paid regent hire Rick O’Donnell responding to revelations that his controversial research paper...

Bridges between East and West

Hudson Lockett April 14, 2011

When making budget cuts, there is a habit of whittling departments down to only what we deem necessary — what we could not live without. To that end, we tend to look inward during tough times...

THE FIRING LINE: Whose fear is more irrational?

The Firing Line April 14, 2011

On Wednesday night, the TIP program hosted a panel in the Union Theatre about the possible legislation that will force public colleges and universities in Texas to allow licensed individuals to bring...

Quotes to note

The Daily Texan Editorial Board April 14, 2011

A visit to Arizona State University “Officials at ASU made it clear that ASU wanted to be an institution defined by its high degree of inclusiveness and ability to manufacture a significant...

Taxation alone won’t improve public health

Kate Clabby April 13, 2011

Texas Senate Bill 1004, which is currently under consideration, would levy a 1-cent-per-ounce tax on all nonalcoholic beverages that contain natural or artificial sweeteners. It excludes beverages that...

OVERVIEW: All the help we can get; More questions about Rick O’Donnell

The Daily Texan Editorial Board April 13, 2011

All the help we can get Last summer, Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, authored an amendment to a higher-education bill stipulating that Gov. Rick Perry maintain state education funding levels for Texas...

THE FIRING LINE: Research and teaching overlap

The Firing Line April 12, 2011

As I finish preparations for my 8 a.m. class, I find that I have time to respond to the poor reasoning exhibited by Ron Trowbridge in his April 11 column, “Research can be nonsense.” Ron...

A farewell from Student Government

Muneezeh Kabir and Scott Parks April 5, 2011

We set out to make Student Government a more relevant, transparent and impactful organization under the collaborative philosophy of “together students can.” On the campaign trail, we promised...