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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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UT students, professors use podcasts as form of expression

Kenzie Kowalski May 8, 2019

Touching on topics from news to nutrition, podcasts provide an experience that can be both entertaining and educational.  Although podcasts used to be a practice left to professionals, it is quickly...


Student’s experience in health care inspired her to launch a course at UT

Tien Nguyen May 1, 2019

Deepanjli Donthula had a bold idea, and this idea led her to launch a full-fledged course at UT. After creating a seminar on health communication, neuroscience junior Donthula has received approval...


UT students prepare for arctic expedition

Caroline Cummings April 24, 2019

This summer, two UT students are going on an arctic expedition led by the founders of the 2041 Foundation, a climate change mitigation nonprofit. Government freshman Zoe Lansbury and studio art freshman...


UT students develop software to help satellites seek objects

Rahi Dakwala April 17, 2019

A navigating software developed by UT students for a NASA satellite is launching today with a resupply mission to the International Space Station.  The software was developed by members of...


Dell Seton Medical Center first in Texas to offer new cutting-edge treatment to epilepsy patients

Tien Nguyen April 17, 2019

UT’s Dell Seton Medical Center is the first place in Texas to offer deep brain stimulation as a treatment for epilepsy patients. “Deep brain stimulation, in general, is the idea of...


Here’s how UT researchers are improving 360 technology

Tien Nguyen April 10, 2019

UT computer vision researchers are working to improve 360 technology.  Using 360 technology, virtual reality headsets and 360 videos allow people to view spaces as if they were present. In a 360...

astrology_0409_ChanningMiller(Astrology) copy

Astrology is pseudoscience for some students, super science for others

Celesia Smith April 9, 2019

While some students reach for the stars, others read them. Astrology-related apps and zodiac-based memes now frequent the phones of college students, but not everyone at UT finds it practical.  Astrology...


Researchers explore role of racial appearance in STEM retention rates

Tien Nguyen April 3, 2019

For years, U.S. policymakers have called for an increase in the number and diversity of students pursuing STEM degrees and careers. Yet, STEM retention rates remain a public policy challenge. “Many...


UT researchers find that engaging with memories can help with trying to forget them

Lauren Rahman March 27, 2019

Devoting more attention to memories may be key if you’re trying to forget them, according to new UT research.  “We’ve known for about 20 years now that people could intentionally...


iarabFM provides representation to the Arab community

Trinady Joslin March 27, 2019

Shaimaa Khodr, a University of North Texas interior design junior, came to the United States from Lebanon on a student visa in 2014. Feeling homesick, she discovered iarabFM in 2017, an app built to represent...


TESS mission team talks discoveries of planets outside solar system

Landry Allred March 14, 2019

Space aficionados filled the Manchester Ballroom at the Fairmont Austin hotel to hear about the discovery of planets outside the solar system. Last spring, NASA launched the Transiting Exoplanet Survey...


‘Party like a rockstar tonight, feel like a celebrity tomorrow’: Mobile IV treatment clinics create new health fad

Denise Emerson March 6, 2019

With the pop-up of IV hydration businesses in Austin, medical clinics are using creative means to make IV drips a glamorous way to treat hangovers. IV hydration businesses cater to a variety of groups...