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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Teaching old doctors new tricks: Dell Med integrates health care with high technology

Samagra Jain December 7, 2018

The health care field experiences rapid growth and development, with new technologies and procedures constantly being added. Austin’s doctors must adapt to this technological boom. UT’s...


Six tips for sustainable shopping around the holidays

Grace Dickens December 6, 2018

Household waste from food, wrapping paper and other holiday shopping list items increases by an estimated 25 percent, or about one million tons per week, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day,...


UT researchers find that speaking clearly helps listener better retain what was said

Kevin Dural December 6, 2018

A team of UT researchers found that speaking clearly allows for better information recall in listeners, with results that can be applied in academic, health and scientific settings. Rajka Smiljanic,...


New Austin project aims to revive monarch butterfly populations

Lauren Rahman December 6, 2018

As it starts to cool down here in Texas, it’s time for the annual monarch butterfly migration. This year, the Austin Parks and Recreation department aims to create corridors of milkweed plants and...


UHS aims to curb study drug use with new campaign

Cason Hunwick December 6, 2018

Some students misuse prescription stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin, known as “study drugs,” to get better grades. A new University Health Services campaign aims to inform and educate students...


STEMilies at UT: Dr. Delozanne and O’Halloran

Mina Kim December 5, 2018

In a corner on the second floor of the Patterson building is a group of offices with an unusual label: the TOAD lab. The offices do have some toad decorations, but the namesake comes from the initials...


UT researchers weigh in on vote to redefine the kilogram

Tien Nguyen December 5, 2018

For the last 139 years, every measurement of mass you’ve ever made, from weighing fruit at the grocery store to stepping on your bathroom scale, can be traced back to a chunk of metal locked securely...


UT researchers find out floods carved canyons across Mars

Lauren Schneider December 4, 2018

A new study from UT researchers found that flooding from crater lakes on Mars could have rapidly shaped the its surface billions of years ago. The report, published in Geology on November 16, was written...

Alzheimers_courtesy of- James Beltran

Potential Alzheimer’s vaccine passes pre-clinical trials

Mina Kim November 30, 2018

Researchers at UT Southwestern have developed a potential vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease with successful trials on rabbits, monkeys and now mice. In a paper published ten days ago, neurology professor...


UT researchers compare human growth to chimpanzees

Rahi Dakwala November 30, 2018

While human growth patterns have been extensively studied, it is unclear whether these patterns are shared with other mammals, so UT researchers are using chimpanzees to analyze these growth pattern differences. Anthropology...


Study analyzes ways teachers can make science classes less difficult, more engaging

Joyance Liao Mendoza November 30, 2018

Students often perceive science classes as being too hard due to the intimidating material, but it may be the result of poor teaching and even our own false perceptions. Research published in the December...


Toxic shock syndrome is rare but deadly for tampon users

Sunny Kim November 30, 2018

When sociology senior Kate Hardin gets her period, she sets an alarm to take out her tampon. She worries she could get Toxic Shock Syndrome, a potentially deadly bacterial infection, if she doesn’t. Toxic...