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Science Scene: Bad Habits | Procrastination

Maluly Martinez Benavides September 11, 2015

When an assignment deadline on Canvas reads 11:59 p.m., many will log on with just minutes to spare. Most college students are familiar with the practice of procrastination. A 2012 study published in...


Science Scene: Bad Habits | Test Anxiety

Ellen Airhart September 11, 2015

Anxious pencil-tapping, nail-biting and cold sweat haunt testing rooms and student nightmares. “I feel it all over my body,” psychology senior Jennifer Smith said. “My heart pounds,...


Science Scene: Bad Habits | Not Sleeping

Ellen Airhart September 11, 2015

Low grades, weight gain, cell damage and a decreased ability to tell what the opposite sex is thinking all have one thing in common — they’re symptoms of a college students’ bad night’s...


Science Scene: Bad Habits | Fear of the Freshman Fifteen

Ellen Airhart September 11, 2015

There’s nothing fresh about the dread of weight gain that haunts students during their first year of college. The infamous term “Freshman Fifteen” is misleading, but not completely...


Science Scene: Bad Habits

Maluly Martinez Benavides and Ellen Airhart September 11, 2015

  College students struggle to keep good habits, especially with obstacles such as Netflix, buffet-style cafeterias and 30-page essays constantly getting in the way. Students can draw upon the...


Students learn to become entrepreneurs in Longhorn Startup course

Eunice Ali September 11, 2015

Engineering entrepreneur Ben Dyer encouraged students to “think big and do big” during the Longhorn Startup Seminar on Thursday evening. The seminar is part of an entrepreneurship course,...


Nobel laureate praises benefits of GMOs

Eleanor Breed September 11, 2015

Genetically modified organisms are scientifically proven to safely address issues of malnourishment in developing countries, according to Sir Richard Roberts, Nobel Prize-winning biochemist and molecular...


Mobile gaming sparks changes in gaming demographics

Brian O'Kelly September 10, 2015

With the rising popularity of mobile games, suicidal birds, crushed candy and half-naked Vikings commonly grace any smartphone owner’s screen. Mobile games, such as Clash of Clans, have become...


Science Scene: Extinction accelerates evolution

Ellen Airhart September 3, 2015

Mass extinctions have changed the face of the Earth five times during life’s 3.5-billion year history, and some scientists argue that we are on the brink of another. Researchers are scrambling...


UT System and Mexico technology council to expand STEM research programs

Matthew Adams September 1, 2015

After nearly a year of negotiations, the UT System and Mexico’s National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) reached an agreement to expand research programs at the UT-San Antonio campus. System...


Google self-driving cars to begin test drives in Austin

Nancy Huang August 31, 2015

Google is sending three prototype self-driving cars to Austin next week, after representatives from the company tested six of their older models in the city for the past two months. At a press conference...


Science Scene: Studying with tunes can give students the blues

Ellen Airhart August 27, 2015

Students can use music to get hyped for a workout or to turn cleaning into a dance session, but they should think twice before putting in their earbuds while they study. In the early 1990s, scientists...