Darkness in Vogue


Senior textiles/apparel major and president of University Fashion Group, Stefant Phonthephasone will be showcasing his Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired collection at The Frank Erwin Center this evening at the Textiles and Apparel Senior Fashion Show, Contour.

Photo Credit: Batli Joselevitz | Daily Texan Staff

By the time textiles and apparel students enter their senior year, they have already begun brainstorming for their final collection. “You sketch your ideas over and over until you find five looks that you like and pick the three strongest looks to make,” textiles and apparel senior Stefant Phonthephasone said. Phonthephasone and his classmates took draping classes in the fall. They then translate their ideas into garments. The year-long process includes two critique panels in the fall, three critique panels in the spring and a judging panel one week before the fashion show. Phonthephasone is known for his leather designs, requiring him to drape with leather instead of muslin, a lightweight cotton cloth that other students use for their mock-up designs. Phonthephasone’s collection is inspired by the title character’s personality in the TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” “The designs are me channeling her characteristics, like the leather male cage corset in my collection. Buffy had secrets, giving a sense of intrigue and mystery — leaving the audience wanting more,” Phonthephasone said.