21st Street Co-op's sixth annual MF 100


  • MF 100 team members line up to drink beer from beer-bongs on Sunday as part of 21st Street Co-op’s annual bike race that dares riders to circle the co-op 50 times each while encountering outrageous challenges along the way. If the riders’ team members drink one full beer-bong, they are granted a short cut, allowing them to finish a loop faster. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Anthropology major Jadeline Cao fills a trash can with water while MF 100 bikers race around the obstacle course. Cao and other crowd members threw water and water balloons at the riders from balconies and the sidelines as bikers rode past.  (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Dressed as Vincent Van Gogh, Aaron Goldman, far left, watches MF 100 participants prepare for the race, which included the Gastric Challenge, a series of boxes that hid grotesque foods that the riders ate upon reaching a certain checkpoint before continuing the race. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Alumnus Ryan Hailey, far left, who flew from Los Angeles to MC the event, tallies the number of laps the MF 100 riders have completed while also keeping track of shortcuts the riders earned when their team members drank one beer-bong. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Aron Coffey rides past “Vincent van Gogh” while dodging water balloons that are thrown at him from a balcony. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • As part of the alumni team and his third time to take on the MF 100 challenge, economics senior Ben Baron rounds the corner while a fellow participant stops for a beer-bong challenge. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Cory Jones models for a fellow rider in “Vincent van Gogh’s Still-Life Conservatory” before Jones is allowed to switch with him. Before they trade places, however, a fellow rider must create a painting that “Van Gogh” approves. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Attended by about 100 people, team members and bystanders gather to listen to the “Mayor,” the MC who moderates the event, explain the course. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Before a fellow alumni team member can continue the 100-loop race, Ben Baron, who used to live at the co-op, must create a painting to satisfy “Van Gogh,” who later demanded that Baron smear his face against the painting to create an “abstract” effect. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • History major Anthony Pekowski is hoisted up as one of the MF 100 winners for best crowd participation. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • As the first obstacle that riders encounter, Ted Barry takes part in the North Pole Challenge, which entails jumping into icy water while sucking on a candy cane given by a costumed Santa Claus. Once the participants have licked off the very top of the candy cane, they are allowed to continue the race. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)