4000 miles for a cure


  • Nahil Hamam, left, and Whitney Mangold turn their faces away from strong winds and dust at the Oklahoma-Colorado border. Winds are often the hardest element to endure while on a bicycle. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • After biking through dry farmland for 7 days, Bijal Mehta, left, and Tyler Shaw observe the last few miles of Oklahoman landscape before crossing into Colorado. The team first rode through the Rocky Mountain range in Colorado. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Shannon Kintner, far left, Ilya Kuperman, Benjamin Wagman and Bijal Mehta explore an abandoned house in Oklahoma where one of the team’s rest stops was located. In order to keep spirits high, teammates who provided support for that day would often get creative when setting up rest stops. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Cyclist Edward Standefer relaxes on a host family’s front porch in Fort Collins, Colorado, where the team was greeted by many community members who provided a potluck dinner replete with ice cream sundaes. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Riders take a break to climb and rest on boulders in rural Colorado. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Bijal Mehta, left, and Elizabeth Peters wade in glacier water in the Yukon Territory, Canada. The team often cooled down in natural bodies of water and at times bathed in them when showers were unavailable. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Ana Pope, center left, uses sunscreen to write words of encouragement on Edward Standefer before the last border cross race into Alaska. As one of many Texas 4000 traditions, the border race into Alaska was a challenge between the Sierra and Rockies teams on the sixth day of their 10 days as a reunited team. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Many cyclists decorated their helmets and bikes as a way to remind themselves of why they ride and to encourage and inspire teammates. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Members of the 2011 LIVESTRONG Texas 4000 Team for Cancer cycle through the Coast Mountains on their 70-day journey from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska. A non-profit organization, Texas 4000 is comprised of UT students who annually bike to raise money and awareness for the fight against cancer. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Nahil Hamam, far right, trims Melody Liao’s hair during festivities held after the Atlas Ride, an annual bike ride and fundraiser that marks the first day of the Texas 4000 team’s journey to Anchorage. A tradition that has been held by many cyclists throughout the years, team members cut their hair as a way to donate to non-profits that make wigs for people affected by cancer. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • The Rockies team had many optional challenge rides, including the Dease Lake challenge, which requires participants to ride 210 miles in one day. Aaron Curtis attempts to replace a derailleur hanger on a teammate’s bike after it snapped at mile 113 of the challenge. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Oftentimes when the cyclists approached construction zones or dangerous road conditions, team members would wait for everyone to arrive before proceeding, giving riders a chance to catch a few minutes of sleep. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Rest stops were set up by fellow teammates every 15 to 25 miles as a way for riders to refuel. The entire team ate more than 6,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches this summer, as well as many PowerBars, nuts and fruit, all of which were donated from local grocery stores. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Melody Liao, right, assists an attendee of an event hosted by PureSport, one of Texas 4000’s sponsors, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The event included a bicycle safety clinic for children, which was presented by Safe Kids Oklahoma, and provided an opportunity for the team to reach out to the local community. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Though the team slept and ate with host families for the majority of the ride, camping became more frequent once the cyclists biked further north. Edward Standefer, far left, kindles a fire while teammates sit around the fire to keep warm during an evening in the Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)