84th Annual Kite Festival


  • Sydney Geissler and Justin Marshall watch the 84th annual Zilker Park Kite Festival from Rock Island in the middle of the park on Sunday. A day of strong winds allowed thousands of kites to fill the sky at the longest continuously running festival of its kind. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Erika Gant looks after her sons flying kites during the kite festival. Zilker Park opened in 1936 and has been home to the festival ever since. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Jason Lee tosses his son Bryan in the air at the 84th annual Zilker Park Kite Festival. Children’s activities, climbing walls, hoola hoops, bubbles, and eclectic music made the festival a destination for thousands of families Sunday afternoon. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Georgia Harrington, right, releases a kite on Zilker Park’s volleyball court during the Exchange Club of Austin’s annual Kite Festival. Although the festival is in its 84th year, the recession has made it more difficult for the organizers to meet its financial demands. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Alekos Kinalidis launches his kite into flight. He described his kite as a cross between a “caterpillar and a dragon,” and joked that it was “being murderous” as it swooped down and crashed near a fellow festival reveler. (Photo Credit: Zen Ren)

  • Mariah DelaRosa flies a kite while her family looks on at the 84th annual Kite Festival in Zilker Park. DelaRosa flew a kite for the first time at the festival Sunday. (Photo Credit: Gabriella Belzer)

  • Aris Easley tries to catch the tails of a butterfly kite her mother, Nakiyah Graves, flies low to the ground. (Photo Credit: Zen Ren)

  • Damien Rosa, 3, plays with custom made hula hoops that were on sale at the Zilker Park Kite Festival Sunday afternoon. (Photo Credit: Marisa Vasquez)

  • A child dives into a crowded ball pit in the kite festival’s children’s section. Families swarmed the area to watch their children run through jungle gyms and get their faces painted. (Photo Credit: Zen Ren)

  • Adriana Acuna, 4, and brother Preston, 3, eat popsicles to cool off at the Zilker Park Kite Festival Sunday afternoon. Their family came to Zilker Park just to play and did not know about the festival until they arrived. (Photo Credit: Marisa Vasquez)

  • Evan Davies, bottom right, drums with his friend Becky Karaco in the shade of a rock ledge overlooking Zilker Park. Kite flyers rested by the rocks to catch their breath and listen to music played by festival-goers who brought instruments. (Photo Credit: Zen Ren)

  • Kristen Smith flys a kite at the 84th Zilker Park Kite Festival Sunday afternoon, a tradition she has followed for the past six years. Smith said the weather this year was perfect for flying kites. (Photo Credit: Marisa Vasquez)

  • A participant in the 84th annual Zilker Park Kite Festival climbs a tree to free his kite after it got stuck in the branches. The festival annually attracts thousands of visitors and citizens of all age, but began in 1929 as a way to encourage creativity in children. (Photo Credit: Julia Bunch)

  • Eager kite festival attendees avoid driving congested roads by walking across the N. Lamar Blvd bridge into Zilker Park. Passengers exited their vehicles while in traffic and bus drivers let riders off in between stops. (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Amalia Scatton, 5, spent a portion of her time climbing and swinging off trees at the festival. (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • The rock wall was one among many activities available for kids. These included bunjee jumping, moon walks and many others that were suitable for small children. (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Onlookers peer up at Bryson Beyer, 8, as he takes off on the bunjee jump. The kid’s area drew heavy lines throughout the day. (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • One-man band, Mr. Jo Jangles, a frequent performer in Austin, sang both original and covers to a crowd of adults and children at the Zilker Kite Festival Sunday afternoon. Jangles joked with his audience and interacted with the children that danced to his performance. (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Evan Hiland, 8, spent his afternoon trying to launch his owl kite into the sky. His mother Tonya took control of the reel while he ran off to release the kite. (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • A variety of interesting and unusual kites were seen all across the sky at the festival. The kite contest this year started at 1 p.m. and included about 9 categories. (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)