• (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Miss American 2010 winner Caressa Cameron speaks on the importance of HIV/AIDS awareness after losing an uncle to the disease.  Cameron later spoke at the AIDS march. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Churchgoers of the Greater Mt. Zion Baptist Church in East Austin celebrate the start of the Sunday sermon that highlighted the issues of AIDS/ HIV in the community.  (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Pastor Gaylon Clark leads a sermon at the Great Mount Zion Church Sunday morning that focused on standing up to HIV/ AIDS as well as maintaining a healthy, peaceful attitude regardless of the circumstances. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Terri Pegues, Ledarrion Allen, Tiffany Robinson and Danielle Samuel rejoice at the conclusion of the Sunday sermon. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • A churchgoer raises her hand in jubilation during Pastor Clark's passionate sermon. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Brian Johns and Gina Hernandez walk with hundreds of Austinites to raise money and awareness for AIDS/ HIV in Austin.  AIDS services of Austin raised $160,000 to fight the disease and offer help and support to affected community members. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Hundreds of supporters finish their 5k walk downtown at City Hall. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • A man dressed a woman rallies hundreds before the walk, encouraging them to accept and be who they are. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • J.J. Lara and Stacy Moreno speak under the canopy of City Hall during the opening ceremony of the AIDS Walk.  (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Rick McCoy carries the PRIDE flag as he and hundreds of supporters cross the South First Bridge during the AIDS Walk. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Brooke Harris walks up Congress Ave. during the AIDs Walk. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)