Behind the scenes of thesis film Sleepless Cities


  • Production designer Emily Haueisen and Art director Kevin Harger helmed the art department for Sleepless Cities. They are in charge of designing the look of the film, which entails, among other things, designing and creating and creating Ulysses’ headquarters, a run-down temple interior designated to be the film’s central set piece.  RTF senior Harger is also in charge of weapon design and conceptual art.    (Photo Credit: Andrea Macias-Jimenez)

  • Rachel Myhill is photographed in The Winship Drama Building, where she studied Theater and Dance before graduating in 2010.    (Photo Credit: Andrea Macias-Jimenez)

  • Aaron D. Alexander rehearses a fight sequence in Dane’s Body Shop in preparation for Sleepless Cities action scenes. (Photo Credit: Andrea Macias-Jimenez)

  • Megan Cisneros, costume designer and hair & make-up artist, models one of Special Effects Supervisor Will A, Whetten’s fake-blood formulas.  (Photo Credit: Andrea Macias-Jimenez)

  • Kelly Decker, Sleepless Cities’ lead costume designer, takes a moment between takes to supervise the actors’  wardrobe from the rafters above the film set. (Photo Credit: Andrea Macias-Jimenez)

  • Producer Irene Georghiades, director Steven Hendrix and writer of the thesis film Zach Endres are photographed at I Luv Video on Guadalupe. The group collaborated on this production as part of RTF professor Richard Lewis’s thesis class where students are expected to create a high-quality short film  in only one semester. After the film’s completion, the filmmakers plan to submit Sleepless Cities to film festivals across the country.   (Photo Credit: Andrea Macias-Jimenez)

  • Will A. Whetten supervises one of the film’s action sequences as a pair of Production Assistants model his signature fake-blook formula.  (Photo Credit: Andrea Macias-Jimenez)

  • Local actress and former UT Theater and Dance student Rachel Myhill stars in RTF thesis film “Sleepless Cities”. Rachel plays the leading role of “Imogen,” who seeks to avenge her father’s death amidst an ongoing war between two bloodthirsty cities: The East and The West.    (Photo Credit: Andrea Macias-Jimenez)

  • Local actor and stunt supervisor Aaron D. Alexander stars as “ Ulysses”, the film’s antagonist. As leader of the West, Ulysses seeks to claim the Eastern territories which has led to the bloody war that the film revolves around.  (Photo Credit: Andrea Macias-Jimenez)

  • Former RTF student Ricardo Palomares helmed Sleepless Cities’ Camera Department, a far cry from his first forays in photography as an assistant for his uncle’s wedding photography business. As Director of Photography, Palomares is responsible for collaborating with director Steven Hendrix to envision which camera angles and types of shots would help convey the film’s narrative most effectively. Palomares, also skilled in editing and color correction, played a major role in selecting the film’s colors and overall mood. Check out his website: (Photo Credit: Andrea Macias-Jimenez)

  • RTF sophomore Will A. Whetten is in charge of Sleeples Cities’ special effects deparmtent. Whetten utilized fire extinguishers filled with his signature fake-blood formula to spray the walls during the film’s action sequences. Initially inspired to pursue special effects by the film Kill Bill, Whetten is also in charge of creating prosthetics for selected actors as well as collaborating with the art department to bloody the set’s interiors.  (Photo Credit: Andrea Macias-Jimenez)

  • RTF sophomore Megan Cisneros and Theater and Dance junior Kelly Decker are the appointed costume designers for Sleepless Cities. For inspiration, the designers opted for an industrial look for The East and a rugged, military look for The West. Decker constructed Imogen’s signature blue cloak, which she wears throughout the film, while Cisneros was in charge of dressing the actors on set and doing their hair and make-up.  (Photo Credit: Andrea Macias-Jimenez)

  • Since the film tells the story of two cities at war, the production involved intricate fight choreography. Renowned local stunt-man Aaron D. Alexander (right) was in charge of designing the film’s fight sequences, training the actors and supervising the choreography on set. Here, he is photographed with Calvin Bryant, who plays Imogen’s father, at Dane’s Body Shop, where all Sleepless Cities fight rehearsals were held.  (Photo Credit: Andrea Macias-Jimenez)