Champions of Movement


  • Aidan Eastman-Wall, 4, hangs from the uneven bars as his mother helps hold him up. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • Emma Hurley, 8, hugs her friend Dean Osterweil, 8, near the end of Team Bravo’s class Wednesday evening. Team Bravo is a class for children with disabilities that focuses on using gymnastics as a form of fun physical therapy. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • Isabel Solismilam, 10, shakes her head at the beginning of class to loosen up. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • Bryan DeHaven, 3, is pulled back up onto the inflatable trampoline by one of the volunteers after trying to escape. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • Miranda Ely, 9, twirls around the uneven bars as her friends try and join her. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • Alissa Marrufo, 4, walks on the balance beam with some assistance from her mother. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • Sisters Alissa, 4, and Maddison Marrufo, 8, play in one corner of the gym. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)