Charlie living with Autism


  • Mindy Minto wipes pizza sauce off her son Charlie’s shoulder during dinner one night. Studies have shown that eating at home with the family lessens a child's risk of obesity later on in life. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Delia Minto, 8, Charlie’s sister, plays with Charlie after dinner one evening. Sometimes Charlie may flap his hands or push when excited or anxious, but he never plays aggressively. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • A behavioral therapist guides Charlie’s hand while writing his name. Charlie just wrote his name by himself for the first time in mid-April. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Charlie plays with his dog, Lola, before dinner. Both of Charlie’s parents have described the two as best friends. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Kari Hughes, a behavioral therapist, teaches Charlie how to use a zipper during a few minutes of playtime. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Mindy Minto, Charlie’s mother, helps Charlie put on pajamas after a bath. Charlie sticks to a usual nighttime routine that consists of a bath, some ice cream and a bedtime story. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Kari Hughes, a behavioral therapist, asks Charlie to point out certain objects pictured on flashcards. His at-home therapy balances between a few minutes of playtime for every five achievements he makes, such as identifying flashcards or completing a puzzle. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)