Congreso Regional de Texas


  • The Las Cristeras perform their ‘banito’ at the Congreso Regional de Texas this past weekend. Las Cristeras is a charro team from Houston and has been performing around Texas since 2007. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • Humberto Alvarez talks on the phone while one of the teams warms up. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • Cesar Valenzuela, age 8, from practices his roping skills at the competition Sunday morning. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • A Las Monaracas team member rides to the corner of the pen after completeing a formation. Special saddles are used that help competitors ride sidesaddle more comfortably. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • Jair Gonzalez, age 3, adjusts his outfit as the adults prepare for the competition. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • Charro riders ride their horses around in percise formations, barely missing one another. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • After getting dressed, the girls from Oergullo Mexicano Infantil go to watch other teams perform while they wait to go. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • Ricco Garcia, 7, untangles his rope while practicing near the entrance. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • The Las Monaracas from Burleson, Texas show their team pride during the parade. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • The only Austin based Charro team, El Rosario, rides around the pen during their performance. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • A competitor quickly drinks a beer moments before the roping section of the competition. (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)

  • A participant shows off his roping skills in the practice arena before going on.  (Photo Credit: Allen Otto)