Cowboy Church of the Hill Country


  • Baylee Van Ryswyk tears up over the kind words fellow members have to say about her family. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Dottie Dunn, visiting Rev. Gary Dunn's wife, heads towards the main barn after praying with the women of the congregation. As it's membership increases, the church has begun looking for a larger location. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Reverend Jeff Van Ryswyk embraces a parishioner after she bids him farewell. Ryswyk, who cofounded the Cowboy Church of the Hill Country with Brian Edelmon, celebrated his final service before his family's move to Dallas. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Eddy Rodriguez sits with his wife Lois on a stack of lawn chairs that function as the pews. The pair looked at three other churches before joining the Cowboy Church. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • E.C. Olle talks with Bill Baskin after the potluck. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • The facilities at the Cowboy Church are labeled with terms familiar to the members. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Couple Gavin Boyett and Holly Jones have a quiet moment on the swing set as the monthly church potluck comes to a close on Sunday afternoon. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Visiting Rev. Gary Dunn delivers a sermon about Jesus and the Samaritans. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Ryan Macafee listens to Rev. Gary Dunn's sermon. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Ean Schaffrath holds Rootie at the main entrance to the barn which serves as the sanctuary. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Rev. Jeff Van Ryswyk plays his guitar with the Head 'em Up Band. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • A list of the cowboy commandments sits at a table near the back of the barn. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • 20-month old Cormac McAlexander grabs the attention of several children at the Cowboy Church. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Willy Schindler holds his wife's hand while Rev. Jeff Van Ryswyk sings. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Rev. Jeff Van Ryswyk talks to his congregation about their unique method of spreading the message of the Cowboy Church. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Eddy and Lois Rodriguez close their eyes in prayer while Luke Elmore, 7-months, squirms. The couple was married in the church last Sunday. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Rootie looks up from his spot in Evan Schaffrath's lap. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)