Experience of northern train ride


  • An elderly couple look at the Reflecting Pool, the Washington Monument, and the United States Capitol at the National Mall in Washington D.C.  (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • The Washington Monument soon after sunset on January 6, 2013. (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • The United States Capitol amidst preparations for the Inauguration of President Barack Obama's second term. (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • A crowd of tourists and businessmen gathered on the corner of Nassau and Wall Streets in New York City. Wall Street took its name from a barrier that existed along it as protection for the colony of New Amsterdam. (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • Train travelers populate Grand Central Terminal in New York City. The terminal is the largest train station in the world. (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • The News Corporation building (left) and the McGraw-Hill Building (right) on Sixth Avenue in New York City's Times Square District. (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • Pedestrians walk and gather on New York's High Line, an old railroad spur that has been rehabilitated into a 1.45 mile-long elevated park. (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • The Classic Pie at DiFara's Pizza in Brooklyn's Midwood neighborhood. The pizza at DiFara's is made by Domenico DeMarco, an elderly Italian immigrant who prides himself in making every single pie the restaurant churns out. (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse pose for pictures with tourists in front of the Armed Forces Recruitment Center in Times Square. (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • A pedestrian walks into the Coney Island Subway Station in Brooklyn. (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • A still scene on a cold afternoon at the Coney Island beach in Brooklyn. (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • A security guard on duty inside the Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • Museum goers stand amongst statues on the American Wing plaza of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • Groups of men walk past Larry Flynt's Hustler's Club on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • A window cleaner tends to the Fifth Avenue Apple Store's front. (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • A skate rink in New York's Meatpacking District. (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)