Fourth of July Preparation


  • Festival attendees try to keep the ball in the air during a crowd game at Firefest Saturday evening. This was Firefest’s first year hosting a festival featuring music by local bands, camping and a discharge zone for people to launch their own fireworks. (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Adults and children watched and participated in launching a variety of fireworks at Firefest’s discharge zone. (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Attendees Jacklynne Horne and Stephen Miller set off sparklers during the evening. (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Jennifer Burleigh assists customers at the American Fireworks stand on 620 Friday evening. (Photo Credit: Marisa Vasquez)

  • Lois Long bags the fireworks that Jay Raamann and his daughter Asti, 10, purchased at the American Fireworks stand. (Photo Credit: Marisa Vasquez)