Gay Marriage and Commitment Ceremony


  • Rev. Meg Barnhouse, center, a minister at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin, presides over the matrimony of Archer and Orr and invites the 14 other couples who wish to marry to repeat the vows they wrote for each other.   (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Archer and Orr kiss in front of a large crowd of supporters and other same-sex partners after reciting their vows. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Orr, who said she felt relieved, smiles in front of the Capitol shortly after the commitment and mass-mariage ceremony ended with the sun setting behind the skyline.   (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Veronica Ortega and Leah Bader, far right, are one of 16 couples that took part in a same-sex commitment ceremony in front of the State Capitol Saturday afternoon. Organized by GetEQUAL Texas, it was not only a way for people to honor lifelong love but also to protest symbolically against Texas’ support of the Defense of Marriage Act. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Ray Garcia, left, holds the wedding rings of him and his partner, Tim McIntyre, right. Garcia and McIntyre were one of two couples honored by and married during GetEQUAL Texas’ mass marriage ceremony. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Garcia, left, who is retired from the army, and McIntyre, an architect, get ready in their South Austin home for the wedding procession. The couple met a little more than a year ago in San Antonio, Garcia’s hometown, and shortly thereafter Garcia proposed. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Garcia helps McIntyre put on his bow-tie and they both wear suits in their favorite color. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Originally from Beaumont, Texas, twenty-five-year-old Stephanie Orr came out to her family as a senior in high school and gets a lot of support from her family. Orr curls her eyelashes before the wedding, which, she said, is the precursor to a bigger wedding celebration early next year. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • A picture frame hangs in the North Austin home of couple Josie Archer and Stephanie Orr, one of the two honorary couples getting married during GetEQUAL’s mass marriage ceremony. Archer, who met Orr in a coffee shop a little more than a year ago, proposed in July. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Orr, with the help of longtime friend Ally Sirman, puts on her wedding dress before leaving for Republic Square Park Saturday afternoon. “I can’t wait until we get to wear our rings. I’ve been wearing mine up until Josie made me take it off yesterday,” said Orr.   (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • After hearing about friend Shannon Soltesz’ proposal to her partner, Ginger Allgeier, Orr hugs Soltesz while waiting in Republic Square Park for the procession to begin.   (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • A crowd of same-sex marriage supporters gathers in Republic Square Park Saturday afternoon before the procession begins throughout downtown Austin.   (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Supporters sing peacefully about marriage equality as they march through downtown Austin along Congress Avenue before reaching the State Capitol. Fourteen other couples decided to join Garcia, McIntyre, Orr and Archer on the Captiol stairs to give their vows for lifelong commitment.    (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • McIntyre and Garcia ride in a horse-drawn carriage along with Orr and Archer as the GetEQUAL Texas group walks behind them toward the Capitol. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)