Juneteenth 2011


  • Employee Yolanda Bumpers sits in the front of Austin Energy's "Go Green with Juneteenth" float. Juneteenth commemorates the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas in 1865. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • A parade participant does a u-turn in his go-kart under a bridge on Rosewood Avenue. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • A young member of the crowd enjoys a classic car at the Juneteenth parade on Saturday. (Photo Credit: Erika Rich)

  • Donna Hill, 5, covers her ears as the Bad Boyz motorcycle club rev their engines. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Parade goers rush to get free popcorn thrown by volunteers from St. Petersberg United Methodist Church Saturday at the Juneteenth Parade. (Photo Credit: Erika Rich)

  • Ariana Scott, 4, feeds Dredyn Manor, 10 months, as she watches the parade round the corner of Chicon Street. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • Bruce Talley and Bob Malett  watch the parade under the awning of a vacant building on Chicon Street. (Photo Credit: Ryan Edwards)

  • A vehicle representing T.G. Tire & Auto drives through Saturday’s Juneteenth parade while  playing the song “Black and Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa. (Photo Credit: Erika Rich)

  • Juneteen Parade participants on horseback bring the parade to close Saturday. (Photo Credit: Erika Rich)

  • Bystanders watch the Juneteenth parade precession move down Chicon Street Saturday afternoon. (Photo Credit: Erika Rich)