• DJ and his mother, Donnas Dominguez, pray together before his bout. (Photo Credit: Zachary Strain)

  • Despite a ruptured heart valve after overexertion in 2008, DJ has competed in 11 amateur bouts. “There’s a want to [boxing] ... it’s so much deeper than [winning],” DJ said. (Photo Credit: Zachary Strain)

  • DJ reacts to the decision that fell in his opponent’s favor. “I looked at his face and I thought ‘There’s no way.’ I feel like I won that fight,” he said. (Photo Credit: Zachary Strain)

  • DJ makes contact with an opponent during a sparring session at Lord’s Gym. “Boxing certainly is something you can empty everything into.” (Photo Credit: Zachary Strain)

  • David Dominguez helps his son warm up before a bout. DJ’s parents take turns driving him to Lord’s Gym for training. (Photo Credit: Zachary Strain)