National Fitness Transformation Contest


  • Harvey Cyphers wait behind a curtain to be called up on the stage during the National Fitness Transformation Contest category during National Fitness Transformation Contest Saturday night at Texas School for the Deaf auditorium. The contest was held to raise money for the School for the Deaf Foundation and all of the contestants were drug tested.  (Photo Credit: Mary Kang)

  • Tiffany Sipos, Jessica Perales, and Margo Z Martinez exercise in women's locker room during their preparation time. (Photo Credit: Mary Kang)

  • Tiffany Sipos look at the program in women's locker room as she waits for her turn to present herself on the stage for the Women's Figure Open category. (Photo Credit: Mary Kang)

  • Harvey Cyphers prepares in a men's locker room before going on a stage as a contestant for the Men's Masters Bodybuilding category Saturday night at Texas School for the Deaf auditorium. (Photo Credit: Mary Kang)

  • Logan McGill, contestant for Men's Masters Bodybuilding, poses to be scored on stage presence during National Fitness Transformation. (Photo Credit: Mary Kang)

  • Danielle Newlin takes out her earrings outside of the auditorium after the contest was over. Newlin was a constant for the Fit Model Women category. (Photo Credit: Mary Kang)