Nothing left to waste


  • Remedios Avila cleans the compost machine twice a day with wet cardboard. The Division of Housing & Food Service has composted over 250 tons of food waste between September 2011 and September 2012. (Photo Credit: Chelsea Purgahn)

  • Chef Ernest Owney chops vegetables for Kinsolving’s Monday lunch rush. Owney says they use as much of the vegetables as they can, and they compost the rest. (Photo Credit: Chelsea Purgahn)

  • Kinsolving food prep employee Ruthie Messenger prepares leftover food Monday afternoon to give to local homeless shelters. (Photo Credit: Chelsea Purgahn)

  • Remedios Avila washes dishes and sends discarded food down the single-stream composting system.   (Photo Credit: Chelsea Purgahn)

  • The system allows for efficient composting, going straight from the sink, through a pipe system, and to the compost machine.   (Photo Credit: Chelsea Purgahn)