Occupy Austin: The Movement Continues


  • Lucian Villasenor, a student at UT, speaks to participants of Occupy Austin at the Capitol, Thursday. (Photo Credit: Zachary Strain)

  • Demonstrators march down Congress Ave. towards Austin City Hall, Thursday. (Photo Credit: Zachary Strain)

  • A protester displays her sign while marching to city hall, Thursday. (Photo Credit: Zachary Strain)

  • APD officers stand outside Austin City Hall as participants of the march assemble. (Photo Credit: Zachary Strain)

  • APD officers arrived at the scene in response to protesters chained to a city hall tree, and remained vigilant throughout the night performing a total of six arrests, one of which was unrelated to the protests. (Photo Credit: Jorge Corona)

  • APD officers examine Robert Remkes, who was assaulted at city hall by another protester, early Friday morning.   (Photo Credit: Zachary Strain)

  • APD arrives at the Austin City Hall plaza to placate Occupy Austin Protesters who engaged in a fist-fight over a misunderstading concerning a stolen phone. (Photo Credit: Andrea Macias-Jimenez)

  • Steven Potter is framed by a fellow Occupy Austin protester carrying a Guy Fawkes mask on his back.   (Photo Credit: Andrea Macias-Jimenez)

  • Demonstrators gather outside Austin City Hall for a general assembly after marching from the state Capitol, Thursday. Participants of Occupy Austin have occupied city hall plaza since Oct. 6.   (Photo Credit: Zachary Strain)

  • Joshua Harvey, a participant of Occupy Texas State, addresses demonstrators on the steps of the Capitol, Thursday.  (Photo Credit: Zachary Strain)