Return to Steiner Ranch


  • Dan Sterns, right, sifts through the remains of his Steiner Ranch home Tuesday afternoon after residents were allowed to return to the community, which was affected by the Central Texas wildfires. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Lake Travis fire fighter Tim Sage stands beneath his co-workers Tuesday afternoon as they water the greenbelt to prevent further fires. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • A melted see-saw stands alone in the burnt backyard of a home in the Steiner Ranch neighborhood. Many houses on the west side of the valley received little to no damage from the wildfires. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • A freshman at Vandergrift High School, Paige Welch, right, waits at the burnt remains of her best friend’s home Tuesday afternoon. The home was one of many claimed by wildfires that swept through Austin’s Steiner Ranch community starting Sunday. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Lieutenant Jon Wharton drags a fire hose uphill in the Steiner Ranch neighborhood Tuesday afternoon. Firefighters from Lake Travis Fire Rescue created a ring of mud around damaged houses to prevent potential wildfires from spreading. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Norma and T.J. Harais place the burnt remains of Norma’s bible in a trash bag to prevent further damage. After rummaging through the remains of their Steiner Ranch home the two only found her bible and a mug. (Photo Credit: Shannon Kintner)

  • Erin Clawson, left, rummages with Shianne and Colleen Galasso through the remains of their friends’ cabin. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Firefighter Richard Loera, left, and Lieutenant Adam Lear walk toward the cul-de-sac on Medina River Way to stabilize conditions around homes to prevent further wildfires. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Dan Sterns, who returned to the remains of his home Tuesday afternoon after wildfires swept through the area, found his wedding ring after sifting through rubble for 20 minutes. Sterns, whose family remains safe, said that he found the one thing he came back to find. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)

  • Ken Smeltzer, right, hugs neighbor Heather Lutz, center, on Tuesday afternoon as she sees her burnt home for the first time since wildfires swept through Austin’s Steiner Ranch community. (Photo Credit: Danielle Villasana)