SXSW Music Day 2 - Waterloo Records parking lot show


  • Matt Heafy, lead vocalist and guitarist of Trivium, performed a free show Wednesday afternoon in the parking lot of Waterloo Records. Blair Potnam jams along to the guitar part as Heafy got up close to fans.   (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Lydia Humphries and Devin Tayne, centered, are fans that stood in the first row of crowd for the performance of the band Fun. Fun drew out the largest crowd of people that day than any other band.  (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Nate Ruess, lead vocalist of the band Fun, bellows out his voice to the first song of the set, “Some Nights Intro” Wednesday afternoon. Fun end their acoustic set with their newest hit single “We Are Young”. responsible for their current rising fame. (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Matt Heafy screams to the audience during his set drawing out cheers from his fans.  (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Corey Beaulieu, left, is one the guitarists and the back up vocals for Trivium. To the right is Paolo Gregoletto, the bass guitarist and also back up vocals for the band.  (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Andrew Dost, played keyboard for the whole set of Fun. Dost is a multi-instrumentalist playing a range of instruments for the band including trumpet, glockenspiel, percussion and more.  (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Paolo Gregoletto steps to the side side of the stage performing in front of the video camera for Waterloo Record’s live stream. The store set up a live stream on their website for people who could not attend the show.  (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Corey Beaulieu and Paolo Gregoletto play their instruments to a large crowd Wednesday afternoon.  (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)