The September 28 Campus Shooting


  • Police officers escort a student to safety across from the Perry-Castañeda Library after reports of gunfire inside the building were reported on Tuesday. (Photo Credit: Andrew Torrey)

  • Austin Police Officers canvas the third floor of the University Teaching Center while searching for the suspected second gunman. The officers  moved from floor to floor until the entire building had been designated clear of suspects. (Photo Credit: Michael Baldon)

  • Senior Daniel Martinez and junior Payam Banazadeh are escorted by a police officer in front of the McCombs School of Business during an evacuation of the building Tuesday afternoon. (Photo Credit: Mary Kang)

  • International relations senior Kyle St. Nicholas texts his mom while under lockdown in the University Teaching Center on Tuesday morning. St. Nicholas and a classmate had left their class just as the emergency announcement was released. (Photo Credit: Michael Baldon)

  • A man briefly pokes his head outside the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority house off University Avenue on Tuesday morning to listen to sirens and watch a helicopter fly above. (Photo Credit: Jeff Heimsath)

  • History junior Bess Milner and English junior Skylar Simons look out the window of Parlin Hall on the South Mall as they wait for updates on the campus lockdown Tuesday morning. (Photo Credit: Mary Kang)

  • A police helicopter circles the university campus Tuesday morning following the reports of gunfire on campus. (Photo Credit: Caleb Miller)

  • SWAT team members walk past the east side of the Perry-Castañeda LIbrary around noon. At that time the UT campus was declared closed, but students were just coming out of lockdown in buildings across campus. (Photo Credit: Erika Rich)

  • A student records video on a cell phone outside Jester Hall as hundreds of police mobilize across the street in front of Gregory Gymnasium on Tuesday morning. (Photo Credit: Jeff Heimsath)

  • Public relations junior Ashley Pena takes pictures with her web cam outside the Perry-Castañeda Library around noon.  Pena said that even though the shooting was shocking, it was an important event to document. (Photo Credit: Erika Rich)

  • An APD officer draws a police line on 21st and Whitis Ave. where local media occupied the area during lockdown at the suspect shooter's believed point of entry onto campus grounds. (Photo Credit: Jeff Heimsath)

  • Police officers wait for orders in front of the Goldsmith Hall near the South Mall Tuesday morning while SWAT teams searched for a suspected second gunman. (Photo Credit: Mary Kang)

  • Students sit along the curb on San Jacinto Blvd. just behind the police barricade that closed down 21st Street on Tuesday morning. (Photo Credit: Ryan Smith)

  • An Austin Police Department forensic worker places an evidence marker near a bullet casing on the sidewalk of 21st street near the Perry-Castañeda Library. (Photo Credit: Caleb Miller)

  • Students wait for their friends near Jester dormitory in the designated safe zone as the police escort them safely through the crime scene. (Photo Credit: Ryan Smith)

  • Mayor Lee Leffingwell speaks at a press briefing about the UT shooting Tuesday morning. Leffingwell spoke briefly about how different entities in the city worked together to secure the campus. (Photo Credit: Erika Rich)

  • UT President Bill Powers speaks about campus safety and student response at a press briefing Tuesday morning. Powers also mentioned the importance of mental health services available for students on campus. (Photo Credit: Ryan Smith)

  • Students are guided down the alley behind the University Teaching Center towards MLK Jr. Boulevard on Tuesday afternoon. Shortly after exiting the lockdown perimeter all students still on or near campus were advised to return to their dormitories. (Photo Credit: Michael Baldon)

  • During the lockdown, students in Jester were evacuated while police swept the building for a suspected second gunman. (Photo Credit: Caleb Miller)

  • Police officers secure the street where gunman Colton Tooley's family lives in South Austin. (Photo Credit: Erika Rich)

  • A student waits at the McCombs School of Business across from the Perry-Castañeda Library to hear news on student safety after a second gunman was suspected on campus Tuesday. (Photo Credit: Mary Kang)

  • University police officers stand in front of the Perry-Castañeda Library Tuesday afternoon. After the lockdown was given the "all clear" around noon the pavilion in front of the library was one of the few spots still blocked off. (Photo Credit: Michael Baldon)

  • UT mathematics sophomore Colton Tooley, 19, temporarily put the UT campus on lockdown after bringing an AK-47 rifle to campus and firing multiple shots before ending his own life on the sixth floor of the Perry-Castañeda Library. (Photo Credit: )

  • Police cordon off the area at 21st and Whitis Ave. beyond the view of the Perry-Casteñeda Library. Witnesses said the gunman made eye contact and smiled while walking down 21st street with an AK-47 in hand. (Photo Credit: Caleb Miller)

  • A police support vehicle drives toward the Perry-Castañeda Library at UT where there are reports of two gunmen on campus. (Photo Credit: Derek Stout)

  • A police officer walks across 21st Street in front of the Perry-Castañeda Library on Tuesday morning. The University of Texas Austin campus was on lockdown for four hours after the shooting took place. (Photo Credit: Mary Kang)

  • Austin police prepare to enter Calhoun Hall on the South Mall Tuesday morning after a gunman opened fire near the Littlefield fountain and later fatally shot himself on the sixth floor of the Perry-Castañeda Library.  Austin Police Department and SWAT officers suspected an additional gunman was in Calhoun Hall but quickly determined the shooter acted alone.  (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Students watch the news in class for more information as they enter the second hour of lockdown in the University Teaching Center. The shooter entered the Perry-Castañeda Library next door as the 8 a.m. class began. (Photo Credit: Jon Winton)

  • Business freshman Trevor Egan looks out of Jester dormitory at the line of police in front of the Perry-Castañeda Library. (Photo Credit: Caleb Miller)

  • Students Paige Raiczyk and Veronica Rivera and other UT students and faculty wait for updated text messages inside Benedict Hall Tuesday morning during the early stages of the lockdown.  The lockdown lasted four hours while Austin Police Department and SWAT officers cleared the campus.  (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • UT students look out from the balcony at the Red McCombs School of Business on Tuesday afternoon. This was  the first shooting incident since the 1966 tower shooting by gunman Charles Whitman. (Photo Credit: Erika Rich)

  • SWAT officers wearing riot gear walk toward the South Mall on Tuesday morning as reports came in that there was a suspected second shooter on campus. (Photo Credit: Jeff Heimsath)

  • Operations management professor Uttarayan Bagchi waits to hear updates on the lockdown situation after being held for two hours in class at the University Teaching Center. Students were constantly checking news for reports via their phones and laptops.  (Photo Credit: Mary Kang)