West Texas Aftermath


  • Shards of glass lay on the streets of downtown West, Texas on Wednesday evening after a fertilizer plant exploded earlier in the day.  (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Firsr Baptist Church in Gholsen, located 10 minutes east of the plant site, set up air mattresses and offered supplies for anyone seeking shelter and assistance.    (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott speaks to media about the plant explosion at a press conference Thursday afternoon. Abbott compared the damage to that of a war zone and encouraged anyone to contact his office if they see instances of price gouging.  (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Workers from Bullseye Glass board up a store in the downtown district Thursday afternoon. Various restoration services cruised through town to start the recovery process, and many business owners tended to their stores the next day keeping their doors open in hopes of family or friends dropping in.  (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Joyce Beaubien reunites with her friend and former neighbor outside of her workplace The Village Shoppe. Many business owners tended to their shops the next day and kept the door open in hopes of family and friends dropping in.    (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • All roads leading near the affected area from the explosion remained closed to everyone except law enforcement officials.  (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • Smoke continued to smolder over the rubble and debris of the fertilizer plant that exploded in West Texas on Thursday afternoon.  (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)

  • West Texas resident Carolanne Kocain begins to choke up as she retells her story about surviving the explosion to a reporter on the phone. Furniture and belongings lay scattered across her lawn as construction workers worked to board the windows and doors of her home.  (Photo Credit: Pu Ying Huang)