Wildfires ravage Hill Country


  • Patricia Bloodworth-Neville and her daughter Bailey Neville, 12, watch as a wildfires in Bastrop County, Texas consumes land near their home. (Photo Credit: Trent Lesikar)

  • Patricia bloodworth-Neville evacuated her Bluebonnet Acres home with nothing more than her daughter and her dog. She ran door to door in her neighborhood barefoot to warn her neighbors to leave. (Photo Credit: Trent Lesikar)

  • Firefighters from Coppell, Texas watch as an S-64 Skycrane helicopter drops a fire retardant to help contain a wildfire burning through parts of Cedar Creek, Texas. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • A Coppell Fire Department member contains part of a brushfire that swept through Cedar Creek, TX Monday evening.  (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Texas Governor Rick Perry addresses the press and community members from the Bastrop Convention Center regarding the wildfires burning throughout Texas on Monday afternoon. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • A volunteer fire engine from Flower Mound Texas prepares to face the wildfires that are burning throughout central Texas while other volunteers wait for orders at the Bastrop Convention Center. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • A helicopter drops water onto a blaze in Cedar Park, Texas on Monday. (Photo Credit: Thomas Allison)

  • Firefighters from the Coppell Fire Department, who traveled from the Dallas-Fort Worth area early Monday afternoon, help contain a brush fire around the property of Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church in Cedar Creek. (Photo Credit: Tamir Kalifa)

  • Bastrop County resident John Raworth and his two dogs watch as a wildfire jumps the street in their Central Texas neighborhood. (Photo Credit: Trent Lesikar)

  • The radio inside the Bluebonnet Volunteer Fire Station played chatter from fire fighters on the scene throughout the afternoon on Labor Day. Bastrop County resident Patricia Bloodworth-Neville listened to the radio for updates concerning her neighborhood. (Photo Credit: Trent Lesikar)

  • Firefighters Steven Smith, left, and Nate Young, right, put on flame-retardant suits in the Bluebonnet Volunteer Fire Department in Cedar Creek, Texas on Monday. Corrected at 10:54 a.m.: name of fire department   (Photo Credit: Thomas Allison)

  • Local residents Joseph Spacek, left, and Ajay Bryan, right, look on as firefighters attempt to prevent a fire from spreading through Cedar Creek on Monday. Bryan said her childhood home and of her friends’ homes had been destroyed. Corrected at 10:54 a.m.: name of community (Photo Credit: Thomas Allison)

  • Volunteer Jeffery Whited helps firefighters hook up a hose to their tank trunk before they head out to fight the Bastrop County wildfire. (Photo Credit: Trent Lesikar)

  • Johnny and Lee Chapman discuss the fate of their nearby property in the garage of the Bluebonnet Volunteer Fire Department in Cedar Creek on Monday. (Photo Credit: Thomas Allison)

  • Hoses lie coiled on the floor of Bluebonnet Volunteer Fire Station in Bastrop County. (Photo Credit: Trent Lesikar)