Annual ROTC ‘Run to Dallas’ cancelled due to government shutdown


Annual ‘Run to Dallas’ cancelled with shutdown

Every year the NROTC Battalion participates in the ‘Run to Dallas’ fundraiser but the shutdown of the federal government has caused a complete cancellation of the event.

UT’s Naval ROTC delivers the game ball to the Red River Shootout between the Longhorns and Sooners. As part of the event, each school’s ROTC squad receives game balls from its school’s respective coaches a few days before the game and proceed to run the balls several hundred miles to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas to raise money for charity. 

The NROTC Battalion adds to the event by raising money for charities of its choice. Various groups such as The March of Dimes, the T.J. Ford Foundation and the American Red Cross have been recipients of the raised benefits in past years. 

Because the events are considered “community outreach,” they are considered non-essential and have been suspended.