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UT Votes holds training in advance of May elections

April 26, 2017

UT Votes hosted their semesterly training on Tuesday to become a Travis County volunteer deputy registrar. UT Votes is a nonpartisan, voter engagement organization on campus. The training, which allows...


Safe sex education impact on campus

April 19, 2017

Although more than 83 percent of Texas district schools teach abstinence-only or no sexual education at all, many UT organizations provide resources to educate students on campus about these topics. Many...

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Texas Speech wins national title at team championship

April 5, 2017

Texas Speech won its second consecutive American Forensic Association national team championship Monday, scoring better than 72 other teams. Twenty-five UT students of different majors and grade levels...


Texas Public Health Week brings awareness with carnival

April 4, 2017

The Texas Public Health Week carnival showcased everything from proper alcohol servings to a therapeutic horse Monday on the East Mall. In accordance with National Public Health Week, the UT organization...


CMHC steps in to help students with mental health issues of any degree

March 30, 2017

As exams, final grades and the end of the semester approach, students allow mental health to become their lowest priority — something the UT Counseling and Mental Health Center aims to counter. From...


UT Rez Week seeks to unify campus through worship

March 28, 2017

With hands raised and eyes closed, students gathered in song Monday at the opening event for UT Rez Week. UT Rez Week is a week-long event of prayer, worship and evangelism. Some of the events include...


Archivist presents film documentary of iconic Bob Dylan

March 21, 2017

Some shots of D. A. Pennebaker’s classic film “Don’t Look Back” were filled with cigarette smoke and laughter, while others featured a resounding harmonica and an encapsulated audience...


Jesús Salvador Treviño talks what it means to be a Latino storyteller

March 8, 2017

Writer and director Jesús Salvador Treviño discussed the importance of pursuing his passion in storytelling.  Treviño, who is a Latino, said he began filming and editing the...

Women’s groups on campus aim to keep women in STEM fields

March 7, 2017

Imagine sitting in a class where raising a hand to clarify something might be damaging to one’s reputation, where awkward laughs are elicited at a sexist joke or comment by the professor or where...


UT Entrepreneurship Week kicks off with women empowerment

February 28, 2017

Women create only 3 percent of tech startups and run only 4 percent of Fortune 500 companies, according to the Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship, Growth, and Renewal. This issue was addressed...


“We’re not the police”: Resident Assistants on campus talk about what they really do

February 16, 2017

From planning “first day of school pictures” to being on-call in the latest hours of the night, resident assistants on campus have countless responsibilities they carry out in the pursuit of...

Gateway Scholars program connects students to working professionals

February 14, 2017

The Gateway Scholars program hosted the third of its four-part series, “Network After Work,” on Monday evening, aimed at connecting students to working professionals and the fields they may...


Traditions blend at Lunar New Year fest

January 27, 2017

Last night, the Asian American Culture student organization celebrated the Lunar New Year with an event that showcased the vibrancy of the traditional Asian celebration. The event was held in the Student...