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Self absorbed former columnist writes one more column about herself

December 9, 2019

I wasn’t supposed to be a newspaper kid. I did band in high school — very different type of person. But then, as a first-semester junior who came home around 5 p.m. every day I asked myself...


Feeling lost? Take a class that reflects your identity.

September 10, 2019

When I first read Gloria Anzaldúa’s book “Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza,” I felt transformed. After starting my first semester at UT, I felt like I was missing something....


Your community needs you, not your ego

August 29, 2019

Underrepresented. Underresourced. Underserved. If you’ve spent your whole life with an “under-” attached to your educational experience, then you’ve probably been told that attending...

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It’s not too late to get your flu shot

February 8, 2019

When my roommate and best friend was diagnosed with cancer last October, one of the first things I did was get a flu shot. In the past, I’ve procrastinated getting my flu vaccine. Needles are...


It’s time for students to rethink the harmful rhetoric of authenticity

January 30, 2019

How can anyone call this restaurant authentic? Where can I find some real food? When I first moved to Austin, I frequently found myself saying this every time I visited a low-quality taqueria. Why weren’t...


Multicultural Engagement Center needs resources for mixed students

January 23, 2019

I am my father’s daughter — but many assume I’m not. When visiting the grocery store over winter break, a stranger took one look at the two of us, assumed we were dating and called my...


You’re not a U.S. citizen. You’re about to graduate. What happens next?

December 3, 2018

On December 22, many UT students will officially graduate. Some will struggle to find positions that suit their career interests. Others will give themselves deadlines to find work: before the end of the...


I’m not from a warzone, I’m from the Valley

November 16, 2018

This coming week, thousands of UT students will return to their hometowns for Thanksgiving. Some of them will return to family members, freshly cut Christmas trees, close childhood friends, dusty holiday...


Career service offices should be open to every major

November 3, 2018

Not many students actually get to pursue a career related to their major. In 2013, a study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that only 27 percent of college graduates work at a job closely...


Stop worrying so much about my race

October 25, 2018

Where are you from? What are you? You look so exotic. When Senator Elizabeth Warren released her DNA test results earlier this month, she highlighted our country’s obsession with defining and...


If Kavanaugh is ‘self-made,’ what am I?

October 12, 2018

My distaste for Justice Brett Kavanaugh was born out of immense gratitude to my dad. When I think about how I made it into UT, I think about hard work — but not my own. I think about my dad sleeping...


Want to make your students comfortable? Pronounce their names right.

October 8, 2018

When Shawntal Brown, a graduate student in the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, first heard her name mispronounced, the experience made a lasting impression. “I remember I had a teacher...


UT should be more considerate of mixed students

October 2, 2018

“Yeah, and I’m black.” A white student said those dismissive words to me during UT’s 2016 freshman orientation. They were in response to me saying I was Mexican-American. This...