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300: UT library specialist helps researchers discover the unknown

April 25, 2017

When researchers around the globe journey to the Perry-Castañeda Library, they often need a guiding light in the form of a library specialist — like Andrew Poggioli.  Poggioli helps...


Planet Longhorn seeks to make a small world at UT

April 25, 2017

When home is oceans and continents away, the transition to college can be difficult. But one organization helps international students find comfort and thrive right here on the 40 Acres. Planet Longhorn...


Jamnesty rocks social justice awareness

April 10, 2017

It’s not uncommon to hear live music serenading people as they’re bustling past Gregory Gym Plaza. But on April 12, one concert will seek to benefit more than just active gym goers and weary...


UT Jazba dances their way around the world

April 7, 2017

Blending Indian soul with Western rhythm, UT’s newest fusion dance group, Jazba, takes audiences on a trip around the globe with multicultural routines. Founded in 2012, UT Jazba distinguishes...

UT fashion show features traditional Asian attire

March 28, 2017

Instead of big hair, intense eyeshadow and avant-garde clothing, saris, kimonos, ao dais and qi paos will grace the runway. On Wednesday the Asian American Culture committee of UT’s Campus Events...


Longhorn Kiva helps developing economies in a unique way

March 27, 2017

Although their clients are oceans and continents away, Longhorn Kiva seeks to help aspiring entrepreneurs around the world reach their financial goals. Business senior Brianna Souers founded Longhorn...

RTF students and alumni present their films at SXSW

March 10, 2017

As a student in middle school, recent Radio-Television-Film graduate Daniel Abramson fell in love with movies when his older brother took him to a showcase presented by his high school film class.  Now,...


Hundreds of Jewish students, faculty gather for a night of celebration

March 6, 2017

For years, Texas Shabbat 500 has gathered hundreds of Jewish students, professors and faculty from all over the state for a night of free food, guest speakers and religious celebration. Last Friday,...


Advisor shot hoops, helps students shoot for the stars

March 1, 2017

Before she encouraged students to shoot for academic success, associate academic advisor Kourtney Brown shot hoops around Europe. Originally from Ohio, Brown played professional basketball for a Spanish...


Former UT football player opens sports training center

February 22, 2017

Jeremy Hills’ Austin training facility is a sports fan’s Narnia. Jerseys and posters of NFL players line the walls, but if you look around, those same athletes are working out right there inside...


Beloved LAH Director Retires After 43 Years

February 13, 2017

Although he was raised in the mountains of Colorado, Larry Carver made another home for himself in the College of Liberal Arts. On Jan. 30, retired after working at UT for 43 years. Carver arrived at...


UT alumnus slices his way into Austin’s sushi scene

February 8, 2017

UT alumnus Otto Phan was majoring in petroleum engineering, but he never felt that academia was exactly the right for him. Now, Phan has rolled a home for himself in sushi and chirashi bowls with his restaurant,...