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Recent floods warn of future climate change effects

Benroy Chan August 22, 2016

When scientists discuss the effects of climate change, the dialogue typically concerns what may happen in the future rather than the present. This perceived lack of immediacy leads to apathy, and apathy...


DHFS sustainability efforts deserve more credit

Benroy Chan May 4, 2016

It’s nonsensical to say on-campus students can cook for themselves when residence halls offer only a microwave and refrigerator. As a result, these students rely on the Division of Housing and Food...


Campus bike-sharing systems can help reduce pollution

Benroy Chan April 27, 2016

Just like inconsistent air conditioning and stressful class registration, stolen bikes and occupied racks have unfortunately become iconic of campus life. However, an improved bike-sharing system would...


Value of our planet merits more than feel-good holiday

Benroy Chan April 22, 2016

We rely on the Earth to grow food, breathe air and simply exist for 365 days a year. So why do we dedicate only one day a year to learn about how we’re destroying it? On April 22, people from...


Fracking companies must respond reasonably to new data

Benroy Chan April 13, 2016

Oklahoma experienced only two earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater in 2008. Last year, the state experienced 890. Scientists believe the injection of wastewater fluid from oil and gas production has...


UT expansion must grow with student community farms

Benroy Chan April 6, 2016

The story of development taking over nature is far from new — all over the world, airports replace forests and homes sit on prairies. And now, the University of Texas’s two community gardens...


UT needs to expand its sustainability-based majors

Benroy Chan March 30, 2016

What starts here changes the world. The official motto of the University of Texas resonates in students’ minds and has a different meaning for everyone. For me, it means saving the world from environmental...


Individual water conservation must increase alongside Austin’s growing population

Benroy Chan March 23, 2016

Showering, irrigating and drinking are just a few of the activities that require clean water. But as Austin’s population continues to grow and water demands increase, our groundwater resources may...


Environmental justice requires proactive government regulation

Benroy Chan March 9, 2016

America has a problem upholding environmental justice — the protection of the environment for all individuals regardless of race, income or other characteristics. Low-income groups bear a disproportionate...


Ethical consumerism demands individual responsibility

Benroy Chan March 2, 2016

Consumers must make countless decisions every day regarding apparel, food and other items. Companies bombard us with advertisements to persuade us into selecting them over others, and all too often, consumers...


Marijuana debate should include environmental impacts

Benroy Chan February 24, 2016

Support for marijuana is at an all-time high. 58 percent of Americans want it legalized, and four states, along with Washington D.C., have already done so. Opinions on legalization’s implications...

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Austin should embrace urban density, not reject it

Benroy Chan February 17, 2016

People say everything is bigger in Texas, and the size of our neighborhoods proves it. Texas’s residential areas epitomize the concept of suburban living, but as the population of Austin continues...

Energy Source Graph

Carbon capture and storage has no future

Benroy Chan February 10, 2016

When a problem occurs, it’s generally better to confront it rather than push it aside. However, one potential proposal to reduce atmospheric carbon levels tries to do just that by sealing it away.  Carbon...


DDT is an unviable solution for combating Zika

Benroy Chan February 3, 2016

About a year after Ebola terrorized the American public, Zika has emerged as the new, mysterious virus to be feared. The virus spreads through infected Aedes mosquitoes and is believed to cause microcephaly...


Leaders must claim environmental accountability

Benroy Chan January 27, 2016

Here in Austin, I can drink milk, tea, kale juice and over a hundred different soda flavors. But for a year and half, residents of Flint, Michigan could not even drink water from their taps. Due to...


Compromise is essential to environmental sustainability

Benroy Chan January 20, 2016

For many, the new year means getting fit, saving money and setting new goals. For others, it means radically protesting against the federal government. At the start of the month, an armed militia of...


Artists should cooperate with music streaming services

Benroy Chan November 30, 2015

Editor's Note: This column appears in a point-counterpoint regarding whether pulling music from streaming services is a beneficial practice. To find its counterpoint, click here. Just one day before...


SAT remains a valuable part of admissions process

Benroy Chan November 23, 2015

Starting in March, prospective Longhorns will have to take the revamped SAT. Although arguments against standardized testing rage on, the SAT has been vital to the college admissions process for decades....


DHFS Friendsgiving can help international students feel more at home

Benroy Chan November 16, 2015

As students return home next week to celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday deeply ingrained in American culture, UT’s approximately 4,800 international students may view the tradition as a break from...


UT should develop energy efficiency beyond biofuels

Benroy Chan November 10, 2015

Editor's note: This column appears in a point-counterpoint regarding UT's research on the use of switchgrass as a biofuel. To read its counterpoint, click here. Next year, UT researchers will...


Campus carry works only in theory

Benroy Chan November 2, 2015

Because SB 11 deals directly with universities, one would expect it to protect the people who spend the most time on campus: students. The possession of a handgun could allow individuals to react to threatening...


Social media may instill apathy in users

Benroy Chan October 26, 2015

When tragedy strikes, communities come together to comfort each other and restore a sense of stability and compassion. However, although the advent of social media fosters global connectedness, people...


State government should help universities lower tuition costs

Benroy Chan October 19, 2015

Considering how Texas residents pay as much as $5,369 for tuition per semester. the University stretches students for their money. However, the school isn’t the only one to blame. State investment...


Harm reduction more effective than abstinence for teaching safety

Benroy Chan October 12, 2015

By Friday, incoming students under the age of 21 will have to complete part two of Think About It, a required alcohol and healthy relationships education program created by CampusClarity. UT enacted the...


ACL guests should take safety precautions

Benroy Chan October 5, 2015

Austin City Limits, like many music festivals, is an exhilarating event for tens of thousands of people — many of whom are students. Although attendees go to enjoy music and hang out with friends,...


Marijuana users must be aware of effects

Benroy Chan September 28, 2015

Marijuana use for recreational purposes has become less stigmatized in recent years. Currently, four states and the District of Columbia have legalized the drug, and an increasing amount of people are...


Piracy is not the solution to steep textbook prices

Benroy Chan September 21, 2015

Editor's Note: This column appears in a point-counterpoint on the ethics of textbook piracy. Read its counterpoint here. Every college student has seen the steep price tags of required textbooks,...


UT Clean Plate Club teaches responsibility to young adults

Benroy Chan September 9, 2015

The wellness of the environment is something people rarely think about in everyday life, especially as it relates to food consumption. Most people acknowledge the environmental issues associated with driving,...

Researchers discover rate of ancient climate change varied by latitudes

Benroy Chan September 9, 2015

UT researchers discovered climate change occurs much more rapidly at northern latitudes as opposed to equatorial latitudes, according to a UT press release. The discovery, made by researchers at the...

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