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Students need legislature to reinstate straight ticket voting

February 1, 2019

With the end of the election cycle came a quiet, yet drastic change to Texas’ voting landscape. The ability for UT students to streamline the voting process with the push of a single button is valuable....


Student musicians deserve support from city and peers

December 3, 2018

Most students view Austin, the Live Music Capital of the World, as an oasis for music exploration. For decades, Austin has served as the ideal location for young musicians to harbor their talents and create...


Students interaction with legislation is key in making an impact

November 20, 2018

With election season over, many assume that, as our elected officials gather at the capitol to begin legislation, our only job is to wait and watch for our turn to voice our opinion again in two years....


Extend political engagement beyond election season

November 16, 2018

As the the election came to a close, so did a lot of student interest and involvement in politics. The weeks of political fervor came and went, and students who were swept up in the political process are...


Water boil highlights need for alternative water sources

November 9, 2018

The weeklong water boil came and went with little more than a feeling of inconvenience. However, the episode raised serious concerns about the precarious nature of how Austin gets its water. After a...


Artistic outlets for students must remain prevalent

November 3, 2018

The HOPE Outdoor Gallery, also known as the graffiti park at Castle Hill, has served as an oasis for creative students since 2011. Sadly, those days are coming to an end. Austin’s Historic Landmark...

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A Modest Proposal: Know your proposals

October 26, 2018

Often when voting, the fanfare belongs to the candidates on the ballot. However, this November, students will be able to make vital decisions by voting on city proposals that directly impact themselves...


Absence of net neutrality hurts students most

October 19, 2018

For many students, net neutrality is an afterthought. But its effects, or lack thereof, impact us all more substantially than we think. “Net neutrality is essentially the rules of the road for...


Longhorns, get familiar with the 25th District

October 12, 2018

When it comes to Ted Cruz, we organize and protest. But when we hear the name Roger Williams, we scratch our heads. We focus on certain races that captivate our attention, disregarding other races that...


Claiming your AP credit shouldn’t cost extra

October 8, 2018

It seemed like an odd statement from my academic adviser, but the meaning behind it was even more surprising. After I accrued dozens of AP credit hours in high school, I was surprised to learn that the...


Tolerance of political opposites should be a given

October 4, 2018

I had no intentions of making myself seem outlandish, but that’s the way it must have sounded. At our weekly opinion department pitch meeting, we proposed what we would like to write about for...


Leave your dorm, explore campus opportunities

September 18, 2018

Having a massive pool of minds, an ocean of organizations and unlimited urban opportunities can frighten incoming students. So much so, that after going through the motions of secondary education some...