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Pressures against ambitious women underpin wage gap

April 11, 2016

Women don’t earn 77 cents on the dollar for the same work as men. If they did, companies would only hire women. The 77 percent figure is not so much a myth as it is a blatant use of statistics without...


States must protect higher education from budget cuts

March 28, 2016

Time and time again, slashing education funds has proven to be a horrendous idea. Recently, the budget impasse plaguing Illinois, due to political gridlock, led to a complete loss of state funding for...


Media misrepresentation further radicalizes Trump supporters

March 7, 2016

Through its shift toward clickbait and increased sensationalism, the media is failing at its job to adequately inform the American people. Recently, large media outlets blasted Trump supporters with the...


Fight against climate change must go nuclear

February 22, 2016

Every few weeks another article promises some groundbreaking new idea to finally end climate change. Let’s capture carbon dioxide emissions and store them in the ground. Let’s fertilize the...


Students must continue and expand Sanders’ dialogue

February 1, 2016

While Austin has long hosted open political dialogue, the Bernie Sanders campaign has inspired students to engage in policy in a productive and beneficial manner. UT has the potential to become the center...