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Olympic golf needs more than lure of gold to succeed

Delaney Mayfield August 11, 2016

The Olympic host country adds a sport to the roster each year. This year, Brazil decided on golf as their addition to the Olympic Games. Twenty-one golfers have dropped out of the Olympics since their...

Melania and Michelle AP Photo

Role of First Lady necessitates responsibility

Delaney Mayfield July 25, 2016

The role is not addressed in the Constitution, but can make or break a presidency. First ladies are seen as women who shake hands and kiss babies. They are trophies to extenuate their powerful husbands....


‘Pokemon Go’ must catch them all responsibly

Delaney Mayfield July 18, 2016

Why is everyone shuffling around West Campus furiously swiping at their phones and bragging about their Jigglypuff? They’re playing Pokemon Go and anyone not playing is missing out on entertainment...


Professional degrees have room for creativity, too

Delaney Mayfield July 12, 2016

It’s safe to say that almost everyone has hopes of creating the next Facebook within their college dorm and drop out of college to become a multi-billionaire. How have Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates...

Supreme Court AP Photo

Whole Women’s Health decision protects Texas women

Delaney Mayfield July 10, 2016

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down Texas’ abortion law in a 5-3 decision for the Women’s Whole Health v. Hellerstedt. Women’s Whole Health was fighting the House Bill 2, passed in...


Pets could help answer college stress problems

Delaney Mayfield June 25, 2016

It’s hard to tell a student not to be stressed, because a college student has every right to feel overwhelmed. UT students have the burdens of making it across campus in under fifteen minutes with...

Hillary History court Julie Jacobson AP Photo

First female major party presidential candidate comes long overdue

Delaney Mayfield June 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton has shattered political norms by recently securing the presidential nomination within the Democratic party. She is the first woman in history to receive a nomination from a major party....

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