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In wake of midterm elections, both parties should take note

Dolph Briscoe IV November 13, 2014

A few weeks ago, I wrote that looking back at past midterm elections could provide clues as to possible outcomes in the 2014 contests, in both Texas and the United States. Historically, a president’s...


Despite dismal approval rating, Obama can leave lasting legacy

Dolph Briscoe IV October 29, 2014

During this current election season, Republican candidates repeatedly have tied their Democratic opponents to President Barack Obama, in an effort to make political gain. Greg Abbott, the Republican nominee...

Historical perspective gives insight into likely outcome of elections

Dolph Briscoe IV October 16, 2014

Another election season is upon us. On Nov. 4, Americans will go to the polls to cast ballots for U.S. senators and representatives. Early voting in the Lone Star State begins Oct. 20, and Texans...

Students should not be afraid to approach teaching assistants

Dolph Briscoe IV October 1, 2014

It’s that time of the semester — the first round of exams and papers are here. Preparing for tests and assignments can be stressful, especially for freshman students. I have had the privilege...

How to apply to grad school

Dolph Briscoe IV September 17, 2014

College goes by quickly, and students soon find themselves contemplating what they will do after they graduate. Many will consider graduate school. I have had the privilege of being a graduate student...


U.S. should use caution in current Iraq crisis

Dolph Briscoe IV July 23, 2014

In March 2003, the United States invaded Iraq, beginning a bloody and controversial war that lasted until late 2011. The Iraq War took the lives of 4,500 U.S. soldiers and wounded tens of thousands more,...


Spurs show that teamwork isn’t dead in modern sports

Dolph Briscoe IV July 4, 2014

This summer the San Antonio Spurs won their fifth NBA championship, crushing the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals four games to one. The 2013-2014 San Antonio Spurs are one of the great championship teams...


With November battles already playing out, Longhorns should pay close attention to candidates

Dolph Briscoe IV June 15, 2014

This November voters will have the opportunity to make their voices heard regarding the direction of both Texas and the United States, as all major offices in the state’s government will be on the...


Regent drama recalls previous fights over UT governance

Dolph Briscoe IV June 2, 2014

Editor's Note: Briscoe is a member of the Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education, a group which has been critical of many of Regent Wallace Hall’s actions.  Adopted in 1876,...

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