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Freshman Research Initiative helps freshmen pursue lab experience

Elizabeth Robinson August 9, 2018

For incoming freshmen, UT’s Freshman Research Initiative gives them the chance to spend time in a real research lab, opt out of required introductory lab courses and join a community.  Founded...


Science classes geared to different degree plans

Elizabeth Robinson August 7, 2018

UT’s College of Natural Sciences tailors many of its classes to suit the needs of both CNS majors and nonscience students who are required to take introductory courses for their degree plan. In...

UT neuroscientists discover how fish send short electric signals

Elizabeth Robinson July 10, 2018

University of Texas neuroscientists have discovered how the baby whale, a species of fish, uses electrical impulses to navigate murky waters. Their paper, published in the journal Current Biology on...

UT hosts nation’s largest indoor air quality experiment

Elizabeth Robinson June 27, 2018

Researchers from 13 universities across Canada and the U.S. have gathered at UT’s J.J. Pickle Research Campus this summer to conduct the U.S.’ largest indoor air quality experiment to date. On...


Researchers find proof Higgs boson gives mass to all matter

Elizabeth Robinson June 22, 2018

Physicists studying the particles that make up all matter, from atoms to protons to quarks, have long theorized that the Higgs field is responsible for giving the universe’s particles their mass....

UT researchers engineer bacteria to produce more-stable therapeutics

Elizabeth Robinson June 13, 2018

A team of UT scientists recently perfected their method of using E. coli to produce more stable versions of therapeutic proteins by making the bacteria healthier. The method was published in the academic...

Student startup creates sun-tracking device for solar panels

Elizabeth Robinson December 7, 2017

While solar power is a useful alternative energy source wherever the sun shines, solar panels aren’t 100 percent efficient due to the changing angle of the sun in the sky. However, two UT students...


Honors seminar teaches science skills through improv theater

Elizabeth Robinson November 16, 2017

Improv plays a lead role in helping some young scientists communicate. Last spring semester, College of Natural Sciences lecturer Amira Pollock taught an honors seminar centered around practicing improv...

UT-Austin supercomputing center provides aid for Children’s Optimal Health

Elizabeth Robinson November 10, 2017

The UT-Austin Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) is providing data storage and security for Children’s Optimal Health (COH) to help assess the quality of child health on a community-level basis...


Study: Consumers tend to overeat healthy foods

Elizabeth Robinson November 2, 2017

There is such a thing as eating too much healthy food, and a study from the McCombs School of Business has found that people tend to overeat when they believe the food they are eating is healthy.  The...

Cell_1026_Courtesy of Elizabeth Robinson

UT professor receives grant to assess polarity changes in cancer cells

Elizabeth Robinson October 26, 2017

Molecular biosciences assistant professor Daniel Dickinson, who joined UT this fall, studies how disruptions in cell organization contribute to the spread of cancer throughout the body. In August, he received...

Plant_1024_Courtesy of Nancy Moran

UT researchers plan to deliver plant medicine through parasites

Elizabeth Robinson October 24, 2017

Scientists at UT and Texas A&M research labs plan on genetically modifying symbiotic bacteria living inside aphids to deliver vaccine-like molecules to threatened crops, as part of the Defense Advanced...


UT researchers propose methods of supermassive black hole formation

Elizabeth Robinson October 17, 2017

Almost as old as the universe itself, the supermassive black holes that form the centers of galaxies and their origin have long puzzled astronomers. However, researchers may have found one possible solution. One...


Geosciences graduate student estimates carbon footprint

Elizabeth Robinson October 2, 2017

Dinosaurs aren’t the only thing that make a big footprint at the Jackson School of Geosciences. This summer, geosciences graduate student Elbin Collado calculated the college’s carbon footprint...


CNS students submit research to Visualizing Science contest

Elizabeth Robinson September 27, 2017

Scientists from across the College of Natural Sciences submitted photographs, graphs and simulation results to the 2017 Visualizing Science contest. Their submissions depict research from calculus to integrative...

Oil exposure negatively affects reef fish behavior

Elizabeth Robinson September 14, 2017

It’s no secret that big oil spills can decimate ocean life, but a recent study published in Nature Ecology & Evolution by UT Marine Science Institute researchers shows just how pervasive the...

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