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Celebrities shouldn’t capitalize on natural disasters

Emma Berdanier September 8, 2017

A flood of donations to relief efforts in Houston followed Hurricane Harvey. Celebrities from the Kardashians to President Donald Trump tweeted about their sizable donations, but the efforts ended there....


UT must offer better career services

Emma Berdanier August 31, 2017

Leaving university is a frightening experience, to say the least, especially when you’re entering a tight job market where employers are hiring at a slow rate. And at a university like UT, where...


UT should provide more dorms for freshmen

Emma Berdanier August 2, 2017

Living on campus is not a requirement for freshmen at UT; it’s a choice, and quite a big one. Whether choosing to live on or off campus, there can be impacts on a student’s social life and...


Prisoners must be granted basic human rights

Emma Berdanier July 26, 2017

Last week, a federal judge ordered state officials to provide air-conditioned facilities for inmates within Texas state prisons, ruling against the Texas Department of Corrections and Justice. The ruling...


Our football team shouldn’t be discounted

Emma Berdanier July 19, 2017

Football is the cornerstone of UT culture, something everyone who bleeds burnt orange rallies around. As of late, our seasons have been less than ideal, facing more losses than wins and not living up to...


Corona sponsorship is ill-advised

Emma Berdanier July 12, 2017

It’s no secret that American sports center around alcohol, but that focus is generally restricted to the professional level. However, the University of Texas has brought our college athletics into...


Texas needs to take California seriously

Emma Berdanier July 5, 2017

While it may appear that the pure antipathy between Texas and California has reached a breaking point, a need for the two divisive states to work together persists. It’s apparent if only in the one...


Senate health care bill would be a disaster for Texas

Emma Berdanier June 27, 2017

Upon revealing a new healthcare bill meant to replace Obamacare, the U.S. Senate Republicans had everyone’s worst expectations at heart. These expectations were met and exceeded with the Better Care...


Rehabilitation should be the focus of our prison system

Emma Berdanier June 21, 2017

Carol Denise Richardson, a woman who last year was granted clemency by Obama, is back in prison. Arrested for theft and violation of the terms of her release in Houston, her story is not wholly unique....


Texas must join other states in climate change fight

Emma Berdanier June 15, 2017

Following Trump’s refusal to sign the Paris Climate Agreement, many states have opted to work around him, signing pledges to follow the treaty and cut their carbon emissions. California, Hawaii,...


Lunch shaming shows true issues in education system

Emma Berdanier June 6, 2017

Schools shaming students whose parents can’t afford lunch has always been a problem, but lately it’s showed up in political conversations, even in Texas. The state has gone so far as to attempt...

Texas must implement factual science standards

Emma Berdanier May 3, 2017

The great battle of the teaching of science in Texas schools — one that has been long-fought and has recurred nearly every year often just over the wording of a single section — comes down...


Student athletes need worker’s compensation

Emma Berdanier April 26, 2017

The debate as to whether or not to pay student athletes has gone on for years. Opponents on both sides have voiced their concerns over the amount of work the athletes do for the school and the precedent...


Police body cameras should be normalized

Emma Berdanier April 19, 2017

Last week, the UT Police Department announced that their officers will begin wearing body cameras in an effort to build trust between the UT community and the department. The response to this change has...

admissions infographic COLOR

Top ten percent rule proves ineffectiveness

Emma Berdanier April 12, 2017

Applying to UT as an out-of-state student, it felt like the odds were stacked against me. This feeling came because of the top 10 percent rule, and the fact that those automatic admittees account for 75...


Education wealth gap should receive attention

Emma Berdanier April 5, 2017 of the largest issues in Texas education is also one that’s been brushed over and hasn’t garnered...

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Legislature should keep educators in mind

Emma Berdanier March 29, 2017

The Texas Legislature has a long history of wasting their time on education bills that do nothing to alleviate the actual issues within the Texas education system. Instead they focus their energy on bills...

Texas Legislature should focus on more pressing education issues

Emma Berdanier March 22, 2017

House Bill 729 was introduced by Rep. Dwayne Bohac, R-Houston, in the Texas House, which if passed could incorporate teaching positive character traits, such as honesty, kindness, and school pride, into...


Cancelled UT Houston project affects university system

Emma Berdanier March 8, 2017

Wednesday saw plans fall through to expand the UT system to include a Houston campus as Chancellor McRaven officially canceled them. Such an expansion would have finally brought a full UT sanctioned undergraduate...

SG campaigns must provide UT realistic promises

Emma Berdanier February 22, 2017

With the second semester finally back in full swing, the time is now ripe for new Student Government campaigns to emerge. And as always, these campaigns come with any number of outlandish promises and...


UT should emphasize cons of alcohol abuse

Emma Berdanier February 15, 2017

UT is set to lead a consortium of research institutions in a five-year study on alcoholism and how the disease changes the brain. This is exciting news, but sadly its importance has been overshadowed as...


Super Bowl trafficking issue remains unsolved

Emma Berdanier February 8, 2017

Following the culmination of Super Bowl LI, hundreds of thousands of tourists have left Houston, and with them, the eyes of the nation have as well. The city is already being praised for hosting one of...


Both Uber, Lyft deserve deletion for labor practices

Emma Berdanier February 1, 2017

Following President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, NYC taxi workers halted rides in protest, as the majority of them are immigrants. Uber responded by lifting surge prices in order to generate more revenue....


National political coverage obscures local threats

Emma Berdanier January 25, 2017

Just a few days have passed since Trump’s inauguration, and already high profile policy shifts are occurring on the national level, such as the apparent end of the United States’ involvement...


Focus on dissent alone squanders opportunity for lasting change

Emma Berdanier January 18, 2017

On election night, many people across the nation found themselves speechless as their worst nightmare came to fruition. In the aftermath, these same people found their voices again. Protests sprang up...


Texas’ execution disregards intellectually disabled

Emma Berdanier December 1, 2016

In 2002 the Supreme Court ruled in a landmark decision that individuals with an intellectual disability cannot be executed. However, this ruling failed to specify what standards should be used to judge...


Superdelegates necessary in our country’s democracy

Emma Berdanier November 15, 2016

Editor's note: This column appears in a point-counterpoint regarding the legitimacy of superdelegates in our political system. You can read the counterpoint here. Following the culmination of a...


Putting creationism on the ballot threatens Texans’ education

Emma Berdanier November 9, 2016

A lot is riding on the results of the election that concluded yesterday — the next president, the fate of the Republican Party and the future of science education in Texas. The last item in this...


Texas schools must lift special education cap

Emma Berdanier November 2, 2016

While public education has become a contentious issue in the current election, there is one branch of education that is hardly ever mentioned — special education. It has recently come to light that...


Early voting remains essential to voter turnout

Emma Berdanier October 26, 2016

Everything’s bigger in Texas, it seems, except voter turnout. In the 2012 general election Texas only saw a 50.1 percent voter turnout, ranking it 48th among the nation. This isn’t unprecedented,...


Peoples’ vote should be based on policy, not protest

Emma Berdanier October 19, 2016

Common rhetoric permeating this election is the “lesser of two evils” argument. Voters, in large part, hold extreme reservations of the major parties’ candidates and instead of voting...


UT must actively educate students about Title IX

Emma Berdanier October 12, 2016

Baylor’s Title IX Coordinator resigned last week, in yet another event stemming from the sexual assault scandal that has clung to the school since it surfaced last August. In an interview following...


Discussion on campus carry needs to continue

Emma Berdanier September 28, 2016

Last week, two bullet casings were found around campus and a third was found atop a defaced anti-campus carry sign. The sign, originally for Gun Free UT, was defaced with the cryptic message: “In...


Capital Punishment should be controlled by state

Emma Berdanier September 21, 2016

It has been just over five months since Texas last executed someone. This is the longest stay in executions since 2008, when the Supreme Court was on recess and states could charge people with the death...


McRaven shouldn’t police students’ actions

Emma Berdanier September 14, 2016

In an exercise of his First Amendment right to peaceful protest, Colin Kaepernick took the knee during the national anthem on Aug. 26, and plans to do so in every game this season. Now, a few weeks later,...


UT must help fight fears that fueled overturned burkini ban

Emma Berdanier August 31, 2016

Just last week France’s highest court overruled the ludicrous Burkini ban that degraded not only women but also an entire culture. The ruling was viewed as a triumph by international liberal groups...

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