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UT student reflects on LGBTQ identity in his fraternity

September 8, 2017

When he was handed his bid to the fraternity, the first thing Henry* said was, “I’m gay.” The older man handing him the bid, already a member of the fraternity, responded: “We know....


UT student conveys struggle with her sexuality in her sorority

September 8, 2017

During a full sorority chapter meeting, one girl asked if everyone felt comfortable with an LGBTQ individual becoming a member of the house. Without thinking, Angela* announced her identity as bisexual...


LGBT member of sorority recounts appreciation of sisters’ acceptance

September 8, 2017

After being involuntarily outed as bisexual to her entire sorority, Quinn* said her sisters’ responses shocked her. Before rush week even began, and before Quinn even walked through the doors...


Celebrate National Mutt Day at local pet-friendly places

July 31, 2017

Between its many dog parks and pup-friendly patios, Austin is known to welcome pets and people alike. Take the advantage of the city’s most paw-pular bars, restaurants and activities to celebrate...


BABES FEST combats gender inequality by celebrating women in the arts

July 28, 2017

Women make up half of music festivals’ attendees, yet only 5 to 19 percent of their performers are female. Women make up 51 percent of today’s visual artists, yet earn 81 cents to every male...

ProjectFour Degrees_Courtesyof ZachBeasley

UT alum use social media experiment for cross country road trip

July 11, 2017

Some students use their summer vacations to take a relaxing trip to the beach, but recent UT graduate Ari Gootnick took an alternate route by turning his summer vacation into a social experiment. On...


A celebration of Austin’s past and present LGBT activists

June 25, 2017

Austin is well-known as a haven for the LGBT community and has for a long time been invested in LGBT rights and activism. Although the public LBGT community outreach is still developing, especially in...


Mod Sun reflects on Free Press performance

June 12, 2017

Mod Sun, a rising rapper, rocker and author from Minnesota, was one of the opening acts at Houston’s Free Press Summer Festival last Saturday. Chugging beers and jumping into the crowd, Mod Sun was...


Love Yourself event inspires women to put themselves first

May 5, 2017

Though women in the workforce are often encouraged to abandon elements of the femininity in hopes of success, some Austin professional women are encouraging others like them to see their womanhood as an...


Proud of her heritage, UT student commits to immigrant identity

May 1, 2017

Fleeing the Holocaust, economics sophomore Ayala Huber’s grandparents sought refuge and built a life in the state of Israel before it gained its independence in 1948. In July of 2000, Huber’s...

At Hunt to Table, guests experience true foraging and resource education

April 21, 2017

Taking the concept of farm to table a step further this Saturday, Austin foodies will hunt and harvest an entire meal from meats and vegetables they procured themselves. Through the Hunt to Table event,...


Cinema fraternity independently produces stand-alone TV pilot

April 11, 2017

Shooting at 17 separate locations throughout Austin, including where Richard Linklater shot “Boyhood,” is the dream for some aspiring filmmakers. But some UT students have already made this...


Young Jewish professionals link faith to their careers through Jewish Learning Fellowship’s new program

April 4, 2017

Careers in business are often shadowed by anxieties of perpetuating corruption and greed, but by using the framework of Jewish ethics, Jewish Learning Fellowships teaches members how to conduct and run...


Made by women for women, CraftHER Market inspires a community of feminine strength and partnership

March 30, 2017

Though women’s labor shouldn’t be worth less than men, the gender wage gap indicates otherwise. The wage gap and other issues affecting women motivate organizations like #BossBabesATX to host...


Round Up’s purpose changes lives on and off of campus

March 24, 2017

Day drinking, 2000s one-hit-wonder performers and students running amok in West Campus are usually the images that the words “Round Up” conjure up — not community service. But this...


Local Austin hostels provide eclectic community vibe

March 10, 2017

Austin is known for keeping it weird, and there is no better way to encapsulate that reputation than by staying in one of Austin’s hostels during the city’s famous entertainment festival.  Given...


Interfaith communities come together with strength in numbers

March 10, 2017

Though the anti-Muslim flyers stapled across the West Mall and the vandalism of the Texas Hillel building were clearly intended to frighten, religious leaders on campus have come together in showing mutual interfaith...


UT jazz pianist enchants audience, peers

March 3, 2017

Austin Thomas’ hands dance across ivory piano keys in a chaotic whirlwind, but the music they create is clear and harmonious. Thomas, a jazz performance junior, is the pianist for UT’s...


Bathroom Bill cause for transgender student concern

March 1, 2017

For many people, choosing which bathroom to use is a non-issue, but for those who don’t identify with their sex assigned at birth, going to the restroom is a source of insecurity and potential ridicule. For...


Texas DAPA provides support for addicts, advocates safe drinking

February 23, 2017

Getting sick in a frat house bathroom after a night of drinking is a tale as old as time. While most professors look down upon the typical college party scene, one UT professor turns that condescension...


UT Chabad House provides home away from home

February 9, 2017

Every Friday evening, the UT Chabad House welcomes Jewish students with the scent of homemade challah and matzo ball soup.   Managed by Rabbi Zev Johnson and Ariela Johnson, the Chabad House is...


Students open Co-op food truck serving acai bowls

February 2, 2017

Dwindling interest and growing boredom with academia led two students to take their educations out of the classroom and launch their own company. Taking a dive head first into the real business world,...


UT student uses blog to share passion for live music

January 30, 2017

Ever since she was a preteen, Elah Shalev would wait hours, general admissions ticket in hand, to be in the front row of every concert she saw. Years of singing along to her favorite songs live, watching...

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