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UT researchers collaborate to create a vaccine for Marburg disease

April 28, 2017

Between 2014 and 2016 the West African Ebola epidemic took the lives of nearly 12,000 people, according to BBC News. Now researchers at UT’s Medical Branch in Galveston are working to make sure an...

UT hosts middle and high school STEM competition in Science Olympiad regional tournament

March 28, 2017

Middle and high school students with a knack for science competed Saturday at the annual Science Olympiad regional tournament hosted by UT. For the Olympiad, some students built engineering devices that...

Girl Day welcomes younger students to learn about UT science and engineering

February 24, 2017

On Saturday, elementary and middle school students will converge at UT to learn about science and engineering. The Women in Engineering Program will host the event, called Girl Day, as part of UT’s...

Health IT faculty talks about the development of technology in healthcare

November 10, 2016

The nationally recognized Health Information Technology program at UT plans to establish a formidable workforce that will soon drive the way healthcare information is recorded and shared. The Health...


Studying scared rats can reveal secrets of human health

October 27, 2016

Some people go to haunted houses to experience fear for fun, but UT researchers are using fear in a different way.  Daniel Johnston, UT neuroscience professor and director of the Center for Learning...


UT Alumnus Brent Barbee discusses the importance of asteroids

October 20, 2016

Most people are content with watching asteroids in the movies; Brent Barbee wants to catch them in real life. Barbee is a UT alumnus working for NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center as part of the...


UT professors discuss reasons behind bee population decline

September 22, 2016

While bees pollinate the plants that provide much of the world’s food and make the honey that tea drinkers know and love, their current situation is not very sweet. The mystery behind high death...

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