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CNS B.S.A. degree plans don’t require enough science courses

August 8, 2017

Most students can agree they picked their major because they wanted to learn material related to their future career. However, the College of Natural Sciences’ B.S.A. degree plans, offered since...


When insurers don’t pay, patients receive only temporary relief

July 14, 2017

Private insurance companies are unwilling to cover cutting edge medical procedures in the pain management field. This limits care options for patients and perpetuates the treatment of symptoms rather than...


Waller Creek needs a makeover

July 2, 2017

Waller Creek, one of our campus landmarks, is ecologically suffering and has outdated infrastructure. The 2012 master plan and more recent landscape plan have prompted increased attention to improving...


Students should get more hourly credits for more intensive labs

June 18, 2017

Some Freshman Research Initiative labs on campus exceed the standard of normal coursework in that some students spend ten or more hours in lab a week and additionally have lab reports that take extra...