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All professors should provide study guides for final exams

May 8, 2019

Your next big exam looms, and you’re poring over your notes for the thousandth time. Your professor didn’t give you a study guide, so you aren’t certain about which concepts to focus...


Professors should allow absences for students’ career advancement

May 1, 2019

Each semester of college has presented its own unique set of challenges, but the spring semester of my senior year has shown me a new level of chaos.  Along with the expected headaches over assignments...


UT should use Smokey the Cannon to highlight student success

April 24, 2019

In 1995, the Texas Cowboys were banned from campus for five years after the death of pledge Gabe Higgins. Following this suspension, the Cowboys passed their tradition of firing “Smokey the Cannon”...


UT Spanish classes require too much experience

April 18, 2019

On my first day of SPN 601D, the professor walked into the classroom speaking rapid Spanish. I felt my anxiety rising as I realized I had no idea what she was saying, despite the years of Spanish I’d...


Take time to develop a life outside of work

April 12, 2019

I spent the summer after my junior year studying abroad in Spain. This experience meant the world to me professionally and personally, but I almost didn’t go because I did not want to waste a summer...


Let’s get rid of the ‘freshman 15’

April 8, 2019

In the months leading up to my freshman year of college, I felt an overwhelming sense of excitement. I couldn’t wait to decorate my dorm, meet new people and start a fresh chapter. While I was eager...


Don’t discount the profitability of arts and humanities

April 5, 2019

When I decided to study film in college, I wasn’t thinking about how desirable my degree would be to employers. As a 17-year-old, I felt blissfully detached enough from my future career to blindly...


RTF core classes should screen more films directed by women

March 25, 2019

At this year’s Oscars ceremony, like so many others before it, women were almost entirely shut out of the writing and directing categories. Last year, only four of the highest-grossing U.S. films...


UTPD’s orientation safety presentation must be more comprehensive

March 13, 2019

When I first arrived at UT as a transfer student, I was surprised to see students largely ignoring many of the safety practices I had learned at my previous college. Students walking through city streets...


UT should offer more place-based classes in East Austin

March 6, 2019

Every spring for the past 19 years, radio-television-film students have spent their semesters making short documentaries featuring members of the East Austin community. This course, East Austin Stories,...


Access to TeXercise should not require purchasing a pass

February 22, 2019

With so much going on, it’s easy to put your physical and mental health on the back burner.  In a typical week at UT, students tackle a stressful amount of schoolwork while also balancing...


Unpaid internships limit diversity in the entertainment industry

February 6, 2019

If you ask any radio-television-film student what they did over the summer, there’s a good chance they’ll tell you they spent three months working without pay. While it may seem illogical,...

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