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Moody College must introduce communication studies minor open to all undergrad students

December 3, 2019

Moody College of Communication boasts seven communications-related majors, with one focused entirely on the concept of communication — communications studies, or CMS. Within this major exists three...


Stop charging for claiming credit, relieve unfair financial burden

November 22, 2019

Like many other freshmen at some point this semester, I recently logged onto the UT Testing and Evaluation Services website and began the process of claiming credits that I earned in high school. Little...

Audrey Williams

UT needs to consider mono student medical emergency

November 19, 2019

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine became very ill and displayed symptoms including fatigue, nausea, sore throat and a dangerously high, hallucination-inducing fever. After visiting a doctor, he was told...


Make it easier to claim credits from out-of-state schools

November 13, 2019

Like many other students, I came to UT with credit from a community college that I earned through a dual credit high school course. I scoured UT websites in an attempt to see which UT courses my credit...


Science core requirements need more flexibility for students

October 31, 2019

Unlike many other public universities, UT requires its students to take nine hours of science and technology courses to fulfill core requirements for any undergraduate degree. Additional core requirements...


Butler School of Music should better support UT a cappella groups

October 23, 2019

Just as an evening stroll through Jester West Residence Hall will lead you through a plethora of dance group practices, a nighttime walk through the buildings along the South Mall will fill your ears with...


UT should invest more in its foreign language departments

October 15, 2019

Upon graduating in four years, I hope to take everything I learned at UT with me to Europe, where I (hopefully) will spend a few years working. Although my radio-television-film degree doesn’t require...


Out-of-state students need lifeline to adjust to life at UT

October 9, 2019

Moving away from home for college is an adjustment for everyone, whether you’re 10 minutes or 10 hours away. Being away from your friends, family and home for a prolonged period of time makes that...


Eliminate the R-word on campus to promote inclusion

October 2, 2019

Moving 1,122 miles away from my Midwest home to Central Texas meant I was in for some culture shock, and I’ll admit, I have enjoyed some of it. I love the way Texans deep-fry everything, and I admire...


Stop writing off sexual harassment at the gym as harmless flirtation

September 25, 2019

Although gym anxiety is something that both men and women experience, there is an additional feeling of discomfort that plagues many female gymgoers — sometimes it deters women from going entirely. The...


Freshmen deserve the whole truth: college can be hard

September 20, 2019

As an incoming college student, it is likely that you have heard two very different perspectives on what to expect and what to do when you get here. Teachers, parents and other adults advised you to...

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