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Another kind of sex education

March 31, 2011

    Sex sells, as we all know. A newspaper cover that has an artistic depiction of man-to-woman oral sex would certainly capture a reader’s attention. I’d pick up that...

What I wear does not dictate my actions

March 23, 2011

    Last Saturday in The Wall Street Journal, Jennifer Moses published an op-ed piece entitled “Why do we let them dress like that?” It is an enlightening read about teenage...

The self-fulfilling prophecy of college rankings

March 9, 2011

    Next week, when UT students are relaxing in the sun or snow, the U.S. News and World Report will release its latest rankings of American graduate schools. For students filling...

Take responsibility for Mexico’s tragedy

September 21, 2010

On Sunday, the largest newspaper in Ciudad Juárez, El Diario de Juárez, announced in a front-page editorial that it would restrict news coverage of the drug wars currently plaguing the...

Let’s get technological

September 9, 2010

I want an iPad. Or Kindle. Or Kno. Whatever. I want the University to give whichever to me and I want it to give one to you as well. “I want” is a dirty way to continue this discussion,...