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Science editor finds niche among fellow science enthusiasts

Julianne Hodges May 4, 2018

Editor’s note: A 30 column is a chance for departing permanent staff to say farewell and reflect on their time spent in the The Daily Texan. The term comes from the old typesetting mark (-30-) to...

Austin startup brings robotic baristas to the Drag

Julianne Hodges February 5, 2018

An Austin startup is bringing robotics to the Drag to make your morning coffee. Briggo, a coffee shop inside of Moojo’s on Guadalupe, opened last month. However, the coffee shop is completely...


Idle time causes employees to work more slowly

Julianne Hodges January 19, 2018

Researchers have found that having too much time can cause employees to work more slowly in order to avoid boredom. UT management professor Andrew Brodsky, along with Harvard business professor Teresa...


UT supercomputer helps predict appearance of August solar eclipse

Julianne Hodges September 5, 2017

While the rest of the country prepared to view a total solar eclipse with their own eyes in August, researchers at Predictive Science Inc. got a sneak peek of the phenomenon with the help of one of UT’s...


Stress can increase fear due to old memories

Julianne Hodges August 28, 2017

Fear caused by a past trauma or bad memory can be increased by stress, a study by UT researchers found. Joseph Dunsmoor, a UT psychology professor and Dell Medical School psychiatry professor, led the...


UT Landscaping Services launches interactive tree inventory website

Julianne Hodges April 18, 2017

Money does grow on trees — at least in the form of air filtration and keeping buildings cool. Using a new interactive website, curious Longhorns can now see exactly how much UT’s trees are...


UT study finds taking pictures on vacation improves memory

Julianne Hodges January 18, 2017

Taking selfies can make a vacation more memorable, according to a study conducted by UT psychology professor Art Markman and Austin-based vacation rental company HomeAway. The study, called ‘Science...

repurposed wood court Jim Carse

Buildings on campus recycle wood from Dell Medical School construction site

Julianne Hodges December 1, 2016

Trees removed from the Dell Medical School construction site are getting a second life, being reporposed into furniture for places around campus. The construction site for the medical school is...


Director of game developer organization lectures at UT

Julianne Hodges November 17, 2016

Thursday evening, Kate Edwards, executive director of the International Game Developers Association, will address the connections between video games and culture at a free lecture open to the public. The...


UT aerospace engineering students design Mars mission

Julianne Hodges November 15, 2016

A group of UT students is reaching for Mars by designing their own manned Mars mission and raising questions in the spaceflight community about how best to send humans to the red planet in the near future. The...


Science under the Stars lecture features lemurs

Julianne Hodges November 14, 2016

On Thursday at the Brackenridge Field Laboratory, integrative biology graduate student Amanda Perofsky gave a talk about the diverse world of lemurs and some of the challenges they face. There are over...


UT economics student researches sustainable agriculture

Julianne Hodges November 8, 2016

When economics junior Joy Youwakim was growing up, she grew tired of being told to eat everything on her plate because people elsewhere were starving.  “It’s ridiculous that it’s...

2016-11-05_Texas Arborist Day_Mary

UT celebrates Texas Arbor Day, educates community about trees

Julianne Hodges and Brittany Wagner November 7, 2016

UT Landscape Services celebrated Texas Arbor Day on Friday by planting trees next to the turtle pond, educating the UT community about tree care and giving away seedlings grown from seeds gathered from...


NASA official shares plans for human exploration of Mars

Julianne Hodges November 4, 2016

NASA deputy administrator Dava Newman outlined the agency’s plan to put humans on Mars in a seminar hosted by the Department of Aerospace Engineering on Wednesday. The plan has three phases and...


UT brings drones to Austin Energy

Julianne Hodges October 27, 2016

A UT research group is improving the safety and efficiency of inspecting power lines by connecting an Austin energy company with new technology: drones. UT’s IC² Institute finds innovative...


Study: People with low health literacy don’t find health apps helpful

Julianne Hodges October 25, 2016

Health and wellness technology is everywhere — fitbit apps, patient portals and nutrition trackers —­ but a new study by UT researchers shows that this technology might not be helping the...


Tropical fish move to stay cool

Julianne Hodges October 20, 2016

When ocean temperatures rise, tropical fish which struggled to adapt would rather pack up and move than adapt. As climate change causes warmer ocean temperatures, temperature-sensitive coral reef fish...

Neutrrino_Courtesy of Will Flanagan

UT researchers help search for theoretical particles

Julianne Hodges October 18, 2016

UT researchers are hunting for an elusive subatomic particle after unexpected experimental results left the physics community puzzled.  The particles in question are called neutrinos. They have...

Molecular biology department plans to bring new microscopy technique to UT

Julianne Hodges October 12, 2016

A new, higher-resolution microscope coming to UT in May 2017 will help the Department of Molecular Biosciences revolutionize its study of cellular functions.  Cryo-electron microscopy, or cryo-EM,...


UT Southwestern researchers use mitochondrial DNA to find cancer risk

Julianne Hodges October 7, 2016

UT Southwestern researchers are unlocking the secrets of breast cancer through an unusual source: mitochondrial DNA.  Mitochondria, which produce the molecules that power our cells, are passed...

2016-10-02_Sustainability Symposium_Yifan

UT creates first sustainability master plan

Julianne Hodges October 4, 2016

On Friday, a working group of students, faculty and staff from across campus unveiled UT’s first campus-wide Sustainability Master Plan. The plan, intended to guide development in conservation,...


Fireflies still active in September

Julianne Hodges September 30, 2016

Glowing, going, gone. Although they’re usually associated with summer, fireflies can still be found lighting up the sky this fall. However, they won’t stay around for long. According to...

Sustainability Symposium will explore ideas for campus sustainability

Julianne Hodges September 29, 2016

Tomorrow, a working group started by the Office of Sustainability will unveil the University’s first Sustainability Master Plan at the seventh-annual Sustainability Symposium. The Sustainability...


Alumnus lectures on gravitational wave detection

Julianne Hodges September 23, 2016

UT alumnus David Reitze, director of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, began his presentation by telling a story that started 1.3 billion years ago with the collision of two black...


UT Southwestern researchers discover new way to form long-term memories

Julianne Hodges September 20, 2016

Researchers at UT Southwestern have unlocked another mystery of the brain. A team led by UT Southwestern psychiatry and neuroscience professor Robert Greene recently explained why people remember insignificant...


DHFS raises awareness about compostable plastic containers

Julianne Hodges September 16, 2016

Although they look like regular plastic, sandwich containers and parfait cups from DHFS aren’t recyclable — they’re compostable.  The Division of Housing and Food Services has...


UT research institute will focus on genetic variation in medicine

Julianne Hodges September 7, 2016

Next summer, a short-term UT research institute will teach scientists about the new field of precision medicine. In May, a pop-up institute involving the Colleges of Natural Sciences and Liberal Arts...


UT astronomers give opinions on Juno probe

Julianne Hodges September 1, 2016

As Juno flies closely around Jupiter and takes its first snapshots of the gas giant, UT astronomers hope that the NASA probe will give new insights about both our solar system and planets around other...


Short-term research institute will explore digital research methods

Julianne Hodges August 30, 2016

At first glance, it would seem that computer scientists and humanities researchers live in different worlds. Today, however, computers can help human researchers better study traditionally human subjects...


Interested students engage better in classes

Julianne Hodges August 26, 2016

Bad news for students who suffer through boring classes: New research has confirmed that students who are interested in course material are better able to engage in class. The study, which was led by...


Astronomy organization hosts regular sun viewings

Julianne Hodges August 22, 2016

A group of UT astronomy fans will set up a telescope on Sept. 10 and invite people to do what generations of parents have warned their children not to — look directly at the sun.  Telescopes...


Astronomy department hosts viewing of Mercury transit

Julianne Hodges May 6, 2016

On Monday morning, Mercury will slowly march across the face of the sun. The Department of Astronomy and the Astronomy Students Association will help interested viewers see this relatively rare event on...

video game Courtesy of Christina Curlee

Studio arts senior uses art and technology to create video games

Julianne Hodges April 29, 2016

Game developer, level designer, 3D-modeler: senior Christina Curlee is not your average studio art major.  Curlee builds art games — games that are focused on showing concepts or aesthetic...


Poll finds millennials more concerned about energy and the environment

Julianne Hodges April 21, 2016

What starts with millennials could change the world’s climate. Although energy and environmental issues are still mainly partisan among older Americans, younger voters are overall more concerned...


Sharing secrets can improve mental health

Julianne Hodges April 14, 2016

It’s time to confess — keeping secrets is bad for students’ mental health and immune systems, according to psychology professor Jamie Pennebaker.  Pennebaker researches expressive...


UT researchers view interactions between DNA-repairing proteins

Julianne Hodges April 12, 2016

A closer look at the individual proteins that repair living cells could provide clues for defeating cancer, according to UT research scientist Ilya Finkelstein. The Finkelstein Lab used a single-molecule...

UT Southwestern researcher creates molecule to fix genetic mutation

Julianne Hodges April 1, 2016

A synthetic molecule developed by UT Southwestern research scientist David Corey’s laboratory may soon treat a rare, incurable genetic disease. Friedreich’s ataxia is a progressive genetic...


Penguin brain evolution lags behind loss of flight

Julianne Hodges March 25, 2016

Until about 60 million years ago, penguins soared above the ocean. When they lost the ability to fly, their brains took a while to catch up. UT geological sciences graduate student James Proffitt...

2016-03-03_I School_Mary

Yale grad student discusses changing definition of software

Julianne Hodges March 7, 2016

The controversial dispute between Apple and the FBI has been in the news a lot lately. However, technology and the law usually co-develop peacefully. Technology historian Gerardo Con Diaz spoke about...


Nursing graduate student helps fight progression of multiple sclerosis

Julianne Hodges March 4, 2016

UT nursing graduate student Janet Morrison has spent hundreds of hours helping multiple sclerosis patients improve their quality of life.  The American Association of Colleges of Nursing recognized...


Lecture takes close look at individual molecules

Julianne Hodges February 23, 2016

The work of Nobel Prize-winning chemist W.E. Moerner unlocked the secrets of how living cells work. Moerner spoke Monday about his breakthrough as a part of the Gottlieb Lecture Series hosted by the...


UT graduate student sets the stage for reduced jet lag

Julianne Hodges February 19, 2016

Most people wouldn’t make a connection between theatrical design and airplanes. For Andrew Carson, however, combining the two fields offered a solution to a tiresome problem. Carson, a theatrical...


Visible planets align this month

Julianne Hodges February 8, 2016

A once-in-a-decade celestial show is marching across the sky every morning for a few weeks this winter. For those who don’t want to wake up before dawn, the spectacle will show up again later in...

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