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Why Thor’s misogyny matters

Kayla Oliver August 19, 2013

Last month, Olivia Messer drew national attention when she published "The Texas Legislature's Sexist Little Secret" in The Texas Observer. In the article, Messer reveals an unsettling number...

Keep your eyes on the Capitol

Kayla Oliver January 16, 2013

The 83rd Texas Legislature convened at noon last Tuesday under a cold, rainy sky. A delegation of secessionists gathered near the entrance to the North Lobby to protest for Texas’ independence, while...

The hazards of press releases and academics

Kayla Oliver August 6, 2012

Earlier this summer, associate sociology professor Mark Regnerus garnered national attention when he published a study finding that children with gay parents fared worse than those with straight parents....

Defense against the ‘Dark Arts’

Kayla Oliver July 9, 2012

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Dolores Umbridge, the meddling powermonger turned High Inquisitor, ousts beloved Headmaster Albus Dumbledore on dubious grounds in order to advance her own...

Privatizing universities: don’t bank on it

Kayla Oliver June 18, 2012

Authors of a recent Forbes article generated considerable buzz when they promoted a plan for the aggressive privatization of university services. While elimination of state political control may appeal...

Reassessing exams

Kayla Oliver May 4, 2012

As always, dead week promises to live up to its ominous name. With classes drawing to a close and finals swiftly approaching, students ready themselves for caffeine-fueled nights at the library, sealing...


Point-Counterpoint: The push for a sweatshop-free UT

Zoya Waliany and Kayla Oliver April 26, 2012

Editor’s note: Last week, 18 members of the Make UT Sweatshop-Free Coalition protested the University’s affiliation with the Fair Labor Association, a group that monitors working conditions....

Instagram: Instigating Instability

Kayla Oliver April 18, 2012

I can see it now: the camera winds slowly up a trendy Santa Barbara street before focusing on a slightly aged Jesse Eisenberg as he sips a latte in a locally-owned coffee shop. He adjusts his thick-rimmed,...

Abolish SG: an attempt at vigilante democracy

Kayla Oliver April 9, 2012

Armed with a website and a petition, Abolish SG has taken on the Jeffersonian “obligation” to cleanse Student Government of its alleged impurities or dismantle it entirely. Samantha Smith,...

Prescribing a healthy debate

Kayla Oliver April 5, 2012

March 28 marked the end of oral arguments at the Supreme Court over the constitutionality of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. The lawsuit filed by Texas and 25 other states questions the legality of several...

Enhance signature courses to improve research skills

Kayla Oliver March 29, 2012

Since its inception in 2008, the School of Undergraduate Studies has offered hundreds of signature courses designed to facilitate the transition from high school to college by improving students’...

The lawsuit that keeps on giving

Kayla Oliver March 21, 2012

Madison Gardner and running mate Antonio Guevara got back on the executive alliance ballot Monday when dean of students Soncia Reagins-Lilly announced the suspension of the election code provision against...

Enhance sexual liberation with education

Kayla Oliver March 8, 2012

Last month College Magazine, a student-run forum that reports on everything from football to budget cuts, crowned UT the most sexually active campus in America. Researchers examined party scenes, sexual...

Continue considering race in college admissions

Kayla Oliver March 2, 2012

This fall the Supreme Court will return to an issue it last discussed in 2003: affirmative action in university admissions. Fisher v. The University of Texas at Austin involves a white student who, after...

Commemorating Texas veterans on campus

Kayla Oliver February 23, 2012

Last week, Apolonio Hernandez III, Marine Corps veteran of eight years and Middle Eastern studies senior, stepped off the bus near the stadium and noticed the monument to fallen soldiers of World War I....

Aligning health issues with political grievances

Kayla Oliver February 14, 2012

Amid a Republican-led federal investigation into Planned Parenthood, earlier this month Susan G. Komen for the Cure — the nation’s largest private breast cancer research group — pulled...

An egalitarian approach to guest hours

Kayla Oliver February 9, 2012

Many of us have been there; if not, we’ve all heard the horror stories: strange noises filtering through the walls in the middle of the night, uncomfortable scenes upon a roommate’s unexpected...

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